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Making It Feel Like Home

Making It Feel Like Home

Brick wall interiors create that cozy loft vibe

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on November 15th 2016
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Wielicka Apartment


How exciting is the feeling of buying your first home! But not all houses come in a perfect move-in condition. This gorgeous home needed more than a just fresh coat of paint for its new owners to start living here. Just like this home for cat and book lovers, the apartment has plenty of home touches.


Owned by a young woman and her shy cat; they wanted a cozy home to work, play, and host guests from time to time. But their requirements were not in line with the original design of the house. Aesthetically, the owner wanted it to be a Scandinavian-inspired cozy space that felt like home.

Triangle shaped storage design |
Living room with brick wall interior and gray walls |

The oddly shaped apartment needed a complete redesign not only to upgrade the aesthetics but also to make room for the owner’s requirements. All the interior walls were gutted and rebuilt. The original three bedrooms were merged to create two large ones to optimally use the available space.


The designers wanted to add elements that would make the owner feel at home instantly. So they introduced brick walls and oak wood flooring that is reminiscent of the old style homes from the owner’s hometown. The bricks used in this apartment were even sourced from an old home not far from the owner’s family home in the north of Poland. This mix of old and new makes this home even more special.

Brick walls with wooden materials and bright windows |

Another important requirement while rebuilding this home was to have a large kitchen. The design of this open plan kitchen works well with the other parts of the house, as it acts as a central element connecting all the rooms. The dining table also makes a perfect match with the oak wood floors.

Wood and white walls cozy apartment |

I love the balance created between modern and classic elements in this home. The pendant lamp and the chairs with their edgy design work beautifully with the brick walls in the backdrop. Also, the color palette helps in creating a visual appeal that is consistent across all rooms.

Open plan apartment with kitchen, dining room and living area |

As you may have noticed, there is no dedicated lounge space in this apartment. A cozy little nook with a comfortable looking couch serves as the living area in conjunction to the open plan kitchen and dining. It is a perfect space for a single occupant, and can easily accommodate guests.


The gorgeous bookcase near the couch has an interesting story. There is a pillar right next to it which was oddly placed in the middle of the living room entrance. The owner was concerned that it would ruin the overall look of her home, but the designers worked around it by building a custom bookcase that fits right between the pillar and the wall. It beautifully hides the pillar and the see-through bookcase wall adds more style and storage to the room.

Open floorplan dining area |
Pet friendly home has a dedicated cat corner |

There is a dedicated corner for the cat, where she loves to hang out. The designers have also added various different kinds of lighting in the apartment to create a cozy atmosphere; especially for a relaxed evening.

Home office and guest bedroom with gray tones and warm wooden floor |

The owner mostly works from home, so one of her main requirements was a dedicated home office. But there was also a need to have a guest bedroom as she often hosts guests overnight. This spacious room accommodates both. There is plenty of natural light in this room, which makes it ideal for work. The rounded edge of the building creates an interesting feature. I love how the curtains match the color of the wall, and the sofa-bed is in a similar gray tone as the walls in the living room.

Home office and guest bedroom with gray tones and warm wooden floor |

The brick walls are a feature in every room. The designers explain that they wanted to create a continuity in design and having a brick wall in every segment of the house helped them achieve this.

Home office and guest bedroom with gray tones and warm wooden floor with lots of storage |

There was also a need for extra storage space, as the owner wanted a clutter-free home. After merging the three original bedrooms to create two, there was plenty of space for more cupboards and a walk-in closet attached to the master bedroom.

White bedroom with white brick walls and wooden textures |

For the bedroom, the owner wanted a quiet space where she could relax and unwind. She also insisted on having an attached bathroom which required a bit of redesigning. The result is a gorgeous space that includes every home essential for modern living. I especially love the custom headboard that looks like the floor has been folded along the wall. The way the headboard runs across the entire width of the wall, it creates quite a cozy feeling in the room.

Lighting says Let's Stay in Bed |

The brick wall continues in the bedroom as well, but it has been painted all white to have calm interiors. The attached bathroom is minimal and has similar whitewashed brick wall tiles.

White bedroom with sliding doors into the bathroom |
Bathroom has candles along the bathtub |
Bathroom with a bathtub and large round mirror |
Black bathroom with mosaic tiles for the shower |

The guest bathroom is completely different from any other part of the house. It acts as a surprise element that breaks away from the aesthetic sense of the rest of the apartment. The mosaics are an interesting addition, and the black wall and floor tiles with rugged finish add a unique touch.

Balcony and plants for cozy Polish apartment |

This cute little balcony is my favorite part of the entire apartment. Lots of plants were added here to create a cozy environment. A divider screen makes it a semi-private area that is hidden from plain sight. It looks like a perfect spot to start a day or a lazy weekend at home.


The owner was very pleased with the way everything turned out, and her guests have been enjoying their short stays here as well. This gorgeous home looks like anyone could easily feel at home here.


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