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How to Organically Incorporate Rich Hues into Your Aesthetic

How to Organically Incorporate Rich Hues into Your Aesthetic

And five other design tips you might have missed this month

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on January 31st 2019
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In the age of all things minimalist, introducing color into your aesthetic can feel like a pretty big design risk. Yet as we learned from our friends over at Play Associates this month, even those most committed to the neutral cause have nothing to fear. All it takes for a spot of minimalist color is balance and restraint.


Ahead, keep reading to find out how to organically incorporate rich hues into your aesthetic, as well as five other design tips you might have missed this month.

Design Tip #1

Balance color with natural wood textures to organically incorporate rich hues into your aesthetic

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Art Deco emerald green and gold kitchen cabinets with terrazzo counter top |
image source

The secret to adding color to a minimalist aesthetic? Balance. Counteract the high drama of vibrant hues and busy patterns with natural organic textures and a healthy dose of white. Here for instance, an abundance of rustic wood accents and indoor greenery pare down the intensity of the emerald green, gold and marmoreal terrazzo for a natural take on minimalist color.


For more terrazzo inspiration, head HERE.

Design Tip #2

For a modern take on the home library, look to open shelves instead of the traditional bookcase

Design Tips for Minimal Color: Minimalist library with contemporary chic glass open shelves |
image source

FYI: open shelves are not just for the kitchen. Whereas the traditional bookcase can be overly heavy and clunky in a space, the open shelf is a chic, contemporary alternative – as demonstrated by this Pascali Semerdjian-designed minimalist library. Here, open shelves make this space feel like a modern art gallery! The glass material is a nice touch, allowing for maximum natural light to bounce around the room.


See more of this living room turned minimalist library HERE.

Design Tip #3

When attempting a Marie Kondo cleanse, take your time!

This month, we watched Marie Kondo’s new hit Netflix show so you don’t have to. Our key takeaway? Take your time! Don’t expect to have all your clutter sorted in a day. Marie’s method encourages you to work in categories in an effort to break up the process into bite-size tasks. This meant that most of the families featured on the show took over a month to complete their clear out. By taking your time, this helps to make tidying your whole house a lot less daunting – and it allows you to begin adapting Marie’s techniques into your daily routine.


What else did we learn from Marie Kondo? Head HERE to find out.

Design Tip #4

Make wallpaper kitchen-friendly by adding a half tile wall

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Yellow toile wallpaper backsplash with half white tile wall |
image source

Wallpaper may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to functionality, but after our foray into backsplashes, we implore you to think again. A white tiled half wall gives this yellow toile beauty all the durability it needs to survive the wear and tear associated with the kitchen.


For more kitchen backsplash ideas, head HERE.

Design Tip #5

Storage shouldn’t be limited to shelves and cupboards

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Simple and warm family home with dining chair storage wall art |
image source

Okay, we get it: storage isn’t exactly the most exciting home decor feature to think about. But maybe that’s just because we’ve been thinking about it all wrong. Departing from your typical cupboard and shelving options, Atelier SUWA shows us an ingeniously creative way of incorporating storage into our homes. Here, extra seating becomes a form of quirky wall art – and all it took was a blank wall and a couple of hooks!


Head HERE for the full tour of this simple and warm family home.

Design Tip #6

Cheat light in your narrow hallway with a clever staircase design

Design Tips for Minimalist Color: Bright and spacious minimalist hallway with statement staircase |
image source

Granted, the hallway in this Canadian family home is both spacious and generous, but even if yours isn’t, there are lessons to be learned. For instance, notice how the open staircase design allows light to filter all the way through? And how about that clear glass banister, which works to bounce all this extra light around the room? You’d be surprised at how much of a difference these small details can make.


Tour the rest of the Projet Dion home HERE.

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