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5 Minimalist Desks Which Balance Functionality with Style

5 Minimalist Desks Which Balance Functionality with Style

Setting the tone for a clutter-free approach to working life

Written by –
Jess Ng
on January 12th 2019
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A tidy home equals a tidy mind, and that rings double true when it comes to the office desk. Yet between all the papers and files, odd pens and wires, the desk can be one of the most difficult spaces to keep organized. For this reason, we’re huge fans of simple minimalist desks to help inspire a clutter-free approach to working life. After all, you may as well start as you mean to go on right?


Ahead, we’ve curated a list of our favorite minimalist desks which expertly balance functionality with style. Keep scrolling for more.

Minimalist Desks: Sleek contemporary office space featuring wood panel walls and the OLLLY desk by Pavel Vetrov |
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5 Minimalist Desks

Flamingo Console

Flexibility and movement abound in Marco Guazzini’s Flamingo Console. A vision in pastel, this contemporary desk makes use of clean lines and geometric forms for a Scandi-chic take on the minimalist workspace.

Minimalist Desks: Pastel geometric Flamingo Console by Marco Guazzini |
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This pick features two drawers which can slide the length of the table to create different configurations depending on style and preference.

Minimalist Desks: Pastel geometric Flamingo Console by Marco Guazzini |
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Its name is inspired by the eponymous bird, whose curved neck reminds Guazzini of the desk’s outline when the drawers are placed at opposite ends. Overall, form and color-wise, the Flamingo Console takes its cue from Miami’s Art Deco architecture.


Inspired by the traditional writing desks of the past, Alivar’s Scribe desk is timeless in its design. Combining a minimalist silhouette with classic materials, it would be a beautiful addition to a contemporary mid-century modern aesthetic.

Minimalist Desks: Wood Scribe desk by Alivar |

Characterized by your pick of a solid painted ash wood or Italian walnut, Scribe was created with versatility in mind. The multi-functional piece comes with a range of accessories, including a mirror and small shelf, which allows it to transform into a vanity or living room console as required. The Scribe comes complete with an integrated ‘secretaire’ in which to stow away any unnecessary clutter.

The Secretary

If small space living precludes you from having a dedicated home office, The Secretary by Isabel Ahm is the minimalist desk you need to invest in – now.

Minimalist Desks: The Secretary by Isabel Ahm |
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Danish design is renowned for bringing together style and functionality, and The Secretary is no exception. Prompted by the casual millennial ‘work from home’ culture, this desk was designed specifically to sit in the living room. As such, The Secretary boasts a raised level function which works as a shelf for home accessories, helping it to blend seamlessly into an informal environment.

Minimalist Desks: The Secretary by Isabel Ahm |
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Hidden drawer compartments under the counter top offers plenty of space for storage. Practical and aesthetically pleasing? Who could ask for more?


If a standalone desk is too big for your living quarters, you may want to consider this compact two-in-one piece by studio michael hilgers instead. The twofold is a compact wall shelf that can be transformed into a space-saving temporary desk with just one touch.

Minimalist Desks: 'twofold' shelf and desk by studio michael hilgers |
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Simply flip the top of the shelf down to double the size of the surface. When in desk mode, the contents of the shelf stay in place, so there’s no need to bother with any rearranging. What’s more, as it’s made from solid wood, the twofold is deceptively sturdy, boasting longevity in fortitude and style.


For a lesson in sleek sophistication, we turn to the OLLLY writing desk by Pavel Vetrov. As to be expected from a Vetrov creation, the OLLLY elevates the simple desk to a luxury design piece. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean you have to forgo the glam!

Minimalist Desks: OLLLY desk by Pavel Vetrov |
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What we love the most about this piece is how user-friendly it is. For instance, built-in grooves for phones, tablets and other stationery essentials help to keep the rest of the workspace clutter-free. Meanwhile, technical cut-outs offer convenient placement for unsightly wires and cables.

Minimalist Desks: OLLLY desk by Pavel Vetrov |
image source

The OLLLY is made from a natural ash wood, giving it a lovely organic texture. Last but not least, a single draw is just the thing for compact storage.

Which one of these minimalist desks is your favorite?


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