Minimalist Loft by Feldman Architecture |
Feldman Architecture Redefines Loft Living for Minimalists

Feldman Architecture Redefines Loft Living for Minimalists

A minimalist loft in San Francisco

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Jess Ng
on March 8th 2019
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2nd Street Loft


Balancing modern minimalism with industrial character, Feldman Architecture’s take on contemporary loft living delights with exposed concrete column infrastructure and a clutter-free aesthetic. Although the 2nd Street Loft forgoes the ubiquitous exposed brick wall for something altogether sleeker, the brutalist spirit of this former 1926 B.F. Goodrich tire warehouse lives on. Let’s take a closer look at this minimalist loft.

White open plan kitchen and living space with exposed concrete column in a minimalist loft designed by Feldman Architecture |

At Odds and Angles

Attracted to the building’s warehouse vibe and rich industrial history, the owners of the 2nd Street Loft saw much potential in this 1,765 square foot (164m2) space. Yet with its odd angles and restrictive floor plan, this apartment was far from perfect. In short, the loft lacked spatial functionality, necessitating a complete design overhaul.

Minimalist Loft: Hallway with exposed concrete columns and sliding door with stripe detail |

“In ‘general’, the pieces were in the right places for future planning (kitchen, baths and bedroom locations), but the space was entirely transformed within this existing context.” — Stephen Stept, Design Architect

Minimalist loft design by Feldman Architecture with sliding door |

New work began with the creation of a rational floor plan. One which made the most of the space available whilst allowing natural light from the largest window to fill the entire length of the apartment.


“The idea was to create a minimalist, modern and open feeling for what is a relatively tight space,” explains Stept. “We divided the loft into two long zones; a livable hallway that marries circulation with activity, and an enclosed portion that houses private functions.”

Minimalist Loft: Minimal industrial hallway with colorful artwork juxtaposed with a sleek white aesthetic |

A Minimalist Loft

Design-wise, Feldman Architecture have eschewed the warm vibrancy typically associated with a loft aesthetic in favor of all things white. The palette is simple and clean, complemented by concrete columns and an exposed ceiling plane. Dark wood flooring grounds the space, adding depth to the overall visual of the loft.

Minimalist Loft: Sleek white kitchen with industrial brutalist design details by Feldman Architecture |

“The design is very precise in its attention to minimalist detail, alignment and order, which certainly was a personality trait of owner Tim Unger,” shares Stept. “His wife, on the other hand, was interested in a display of eclectic objects, furniture and art, and a more ‘wabi sabi’ feel of imperfect objects sharing balance within the strict order.”

Minimalist Loft: Sliding Adielle doors with horizontal stripe detail |

Earn Your Stripes

A defining feature of this loft are these sliding Adielle doors. Manufactured in Italy, the strong horizontal line detail adds pattern and texture to the overall design of the space. They’re a great flexible option for dividing key areas of the loft.

White bathroom with green artwork in a minimalist loft designed by Feldman Architecture |

Art House

Breaking up the intensity of white, a collection of art sourced from all corners of the globe is scattered throughout the loft. An antique Japanese kitchen door hung opposite the front door entrance, a Burmese hand carving, Korean masks and a traditional brass milk can from Connecticut’s dairy country are just a few of the personal gems which help bring life and personality to the home.

White bedroom with pops of color in a minimalist loft designed by Feldman Architecture |

“I loved the collaborative process and the trust that the clients had in the design process and vision.” — Stept

Sleek white kitchen with industrial design details in a minimalist loft designed by Feldman Architecture |

Thrills and Spills

Upon seeing the finished loft, the owners were truly thrilled about how the project turned out. “When you’re anticipating a vision, you see the pieces of the design, but you can’t know the usefulness of their whole until you live in it,” notes the client. “The design functions exactly as we had intended it.”


All in all, the 2nd Street Loft makes a convincing case for embracing rough edges and imperfections. Though the initial space had character in abundance, functionally-speaking, it was far from perfect. Nevertheless, thanks to innovative design, the loft now embodies the best of both worlds.

What do you think of this minimalist loft?


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