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Babies (and Minimalists) Will Drool Over These Fun and Stylish Nursery Accessories

Babies (and Minimalists) Will Drool Over These Fun and Stylish Nursery Accessories

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on September 24th 2017
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When it comes to decorating nurseries, it can be easy to lose yourself down a rabbit hole of character-themed furniture and fussy, matchy-matchy wallpapers and textiles. In doing so, more often than not it can feel like you’re losing your design identity (unless, of course, a character-themed aesthetic is your jam – no judgement here!). Whilst it is important to create a nursery that’s fun, whimsical and baby-friendly, it is equally as necessary to bear in mind that the space should be one that reflects how you want to live. After all, you will be spending a lot of time there too!


In this round up, I’m speaking directly to all the minimalist parents – those who favor sleek lines, Scandinavian design and a neutral color scheme. Believe it or not, adopting a minimalist aesthetic for your tiny tot’s room is easier than it looks. Here’s the round up to prove it.

Timber Play Gym

How surprisingly chic is this wooden framed baby gym?

Pine wood Clover and Birch baby gym for a minimalist nursery |

Designed as a stylish alternative to the typically garish children’s gear, its modern design and neutral palette make it the perfect addition to a minimalist nursery. The hanging mobile accessories are great for encouraging your baby to develop their hand eye coordination, inviting your tot to reach and grasp hold of them. Additionally, the gym is able to be stored flat – a handy space-saving feature for those with smaller nurseries.


Rattle with Bell

Eco-friendly and non-toxic, this rattle is the ideal minimalist toy for your tiny tot

Beech wood and linseed oil star shaped rattle for a minimalist nursery |

Available in a range of shapes, including an adorable fox and deer silhouette, these rattles are made of minimalist-approved beech and linseed oil. Handcrafted and sanded perfectly smooth, they’re ideal for babies to grasp, shake and chew.

Panda Baby Teether

These elegant baby teethers work double duty as both a baby gym accessory and something to relieve aching gums.

Elegant panda teether for a minimalist nursery |

Made from eco-friendly maplewood, these panda teethers are sanded and smoothed to a shape that naturally soothes sore and delicate gums. They’re also available in butterfly and star shapes.

Baby Crib Mobile

For a unique addition to the modern nursery I love this contemporary baby crib mobile by The Felting Dorcas.

Contemporary Scandinavian-inspired baby crib mobile for a minimalist nursery |

Instead of the typical animal or star shapes, this mobile is made up of colorful felt balls set in an understated and classic design. This one is for the cool parents who want to eschew typical nursery conventions. Even better, the colors of this mobile can be customized to match the aesthetic style of the rest of your space.

Sofus Cat Toy

Every child needs a soft toy to call their own. Why not make said toy a too cool for school, minimalist-inspired cat, panda or bunny?

Organic cotton soft baby toys for a minimalist nursery |

Liewood’s selection of soft toys are super adorable and cozy, but that’s not all they have going for them. The brand itself advocates slow living, so you can be sure that they are made to last. What’s more, all of their products are made from 100% organic cotton with a focus on ethical production. There’s nothing like starting ethical consumerism early.


‘Pirat’ Ship Rattle Set

A creative twist on the humble rattle toy, these marine-themed rattle figurines come with adorable pirate boat-shaped storage.

Creative pirate ship rattle set for a minimalist nursery |

This pick isn’t textbook minimalism, I’ll give you that, but its sophisticated take on the rattle ensures it’s in keeping with the overall refined vibe of the aesthetic. I particularly like how this toy is chic enough to be left out on display without looking like clutter.


What do you think about having a minimalist nursery?


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