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Decorating with Modern Earthy Home Decor

Decorating with Modern Earthy Home Decor

Inspired by nature

Asma Khan
Written by –
Asma Khan
on October 30th 2018

If you’re struggling to think up a color scheme for your home, let me gently nudge you in the direction of soft earthy-inspired hues. I’m talking gentle gray, sandy taupe and calming sage, alongside your basic creamy neutrals. It’s one of the most gentle categories of color palettes that you can adopt into your style, and is sure to fit well with any interior aesthetic you desire. Not sure how to use this seemingly boring color scheme? Keep scrolling for my favorite modern earthy home decor ideas.

Modern Earthy Home Decor

For your seating

Earthy hues are perfect for seating because of their neutral aesthetic. Taupe and pearly gray are sure to go with any and all interior styles!

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Minimal gray color block sofa with black steel frame by Aust and Amelung | Photo by Minu Lee |
image source

This sofa from Aust & Amelung is a great option. The linen cushions can be attached to the steel pins in the backrest with minimal effort. The colors take their cue from natural elements like earth and water. It’s the perfect addition for those keen to play with a modern Scandi look.

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Warm gray mid-century modern sofa with mocha wood stain legs |
image source

This intimate two-seater sofa clad in a Dunhill Sand fabric is another great seating choice. It’s especially ideal for that mid-century modern look because of its mocha wood stain legs.

For Your Walls

Painting your walls in lighter hues of sage green instantly adds a soothing and nature-friendly touch to your room.

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Minimalist living room with sage green walls and soft gray Scandi-inspired chairs |
image source

Here, whitewashed sage is matched with lighter wood and soft gray tones for a serene minimalist look.

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Scandinavian minimalist bathroom with decorative wall tiles and bursts of sunshine yellow |
image source

A neutral earthy wall is a fantastic base from which to experiment with brighter, bolder hues.

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Soothing bohemian bedroom with soft pistachio green blue walls and rattan hanging lamp |
image source

I love the soft pistachio meets sky blue shade of this bedroom. Earthy neutrals will allow your most treasured pieces of statement decor to really pop, just like this bohemian hanging lamp shade. When it comes to decorating the rest of the room, keep it simple with sandy olive and gray hues. A calming tropical style bedroom like this will make you feel as though you’re sleeping inside a garden.

For Your Eyes

It’s not just the big things like walls and statement furniture which need to be color-coordinated. Smaller decorative items need attention too! Paintings or wall art in earthy gray tones are a simple place to start. You may also want to consider adding in sage green and lavender shades to create the ultimate relaxing ambiance.

Modern Earthy Decor: Geode-inspired amethyst and gray painting by Mike Schick |
image source

This geode-inspired wall decor has a luscious mix of creamy white, pretty lavender and gray tones. It’s a great way to add an eclectic bohemian touch to the living room.

Modern Earthy Home Decor: Giant paper wall flower decor set in taupe, creamy and white |
image source

This giant paper wall flower set is the perfect fit for a child’s nursery. The neutral taupe, creamy white and silver leaves are mesmerizing! Pair with lace or linen bedding for the finishing touch.

What do you think of modern earthy home decor?


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