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Gnome Sweet Gnome: The Classic Lawn Ornament Receives a Modern Update

Gnome Sweet Gnome: The Classic Lawn Ornament Receives a Modern Update

Gnomes have come a lawn way

Written by –
Jess Ng
on August 1st 2018
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When you think of stylish garden design, I somehow doubt that the classic bearded, pointy hat garden gnome comes to mind. Originating as decorative accents for the wealthy elite of 19th century Europe, gnomes quickly became popular as a symbol of protection for gardeners. In recent years, garden gnomes have been synonymous with all things kitsch and camp – in other words, the very opposite of style… until now that is.


Ahead, the classic lawn ornament receives a long-awaited update. Keep scrolling to see my round up of modern garden gnomes.


The Nino Gnome

Think of Nino as the garden gnome’s edgy brutalist brother. Suitable for indoors and out, Nino is proof that with a little bit of imagination, even corny kitsch can become hipster cool.

Modern Garden Gnomes: Brutalist geometric NINO garden gnome by Plato Design and Pellegrino Cucciniello | NONAGON.style
image source

Here, hand-worked monochromatic cement has been formed into a contemporary geometric gnome form, resulting in an industrial-inspired decorative accent perfect for the modern home. Designed by Pellegrino Cucciniello in collaboration with Plato Design, the Nino gnome project is a lesson in how language and imagery can overturn the garden gnome’s garish reputation, giving it a new and well-deserved dignity.

The Attila Gnome

Part gnome, part stool, the Kartell Attila Gnome reinterprets the traditional garden gnome as a chic minimalist design piece.

Modern Garden Gnomes: Minimalist glossy black Attila Gnome by Kartell | NONAGON.style
image source

His glossy black finish gives the Attila Gnome a contemporary edge. The overall look is slick and refined – a far cry from the twee bumbling demeanor of the traditional gnome. Whether you use Attila as a side table or cute stool, he’s sure to be a fun talking point among guests!



Shop the Attila Gnome HERE.

The Sponti Gnome

This one’s for all you rebels without a cause. Or those as easily amused as I am by a little off-color humor.

Modern Garden Gnomes: Cheeky gold Sponti Gnome by Ottmar Horl | NONAGON.style
image source

The Sponti Gnome is the perfect balance of old and new. A luxe gold finish makes for a fresh contemporary aesthetic, yet his, ahem, gesture, captures the playful cheeky-kitsch spirit of the original garden gnome. Designed by German artist Ottmar Horl, this piece can live both indoors and out. You may want to explain to the neighbors before putting him pride of place on your doorstep though!



Head HERE to shop the Non-Conformity Gnome.

The Baddy Gnome

For a stylized version of the garden gnome, look no further than Baddy.

Modern Garden Gnomes: Stylized acid green Baddy Gnome by Plust | NONAGON.style
image source

Designed by JoeVelluto (JVLT) and Alberto Fabbian for Plust, Baddy comes in a range of fun modern hues, including fuchsia, acid green and pearl black. The luminescent light version would make a great night light for the kids room!

The Little Helpers Gnome

How CUTE is the face on this Little Helpers Gnome? This one is definitely the wisest looking of all the gnomes in this round up.

Modern Garden Gnomes: Contemporary chic white and gold Little Helpers Gnome Canister by Imm Living | NONAGON.style
image source

The Little Helpers Gnome is in fact a ceramic canister (with the gold hat as a lid), making him a practical and fun addition to your home. I love the white and gold combo – very chic and modern! Yet the gnome form gives this piece a sense of mischievous whimsy.



Click HERE to shop the Little Helpers Gnome Canister.

What do you think of these modern garden gnomes? Let us know in the comments!


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