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How to Get the Modern Spanish Look at Home

How to Get the Modern Spanish Look at Home

Think antique pottery, colorful paintings and beautiful Talavera tiles

Michelle Ecker
Written by –
Michelle Ecker
on July 16th 2018
A fan of Scandinavian design with a twist of modern glamour, Michelle lives on the Upper East Side and writes- mostly about the New York Institute of Art and Design's interior design courses. Always browsing showrooms and galleries on the lookout for inspiration, she feels any room looks better with a fresh bouquet and bold light fixtures.

One of the best ways to find interior inspiration is to explore all the popular design styles out there. From Modern Rustic to Cape Cod, there are many stylistic niches worth discovering as you determine which aesthetic best expresses the vibe you’re going for. The one look in particular I’ve had my eye on this year? Modern Spanish home decor.


Antique pottery and beautiful Talavera tiles are just a few of the uniquely Spanish accents that have me going crazy for this breezy-bright country look. If this style is one you’d like to incorporate in your space, here are a few great ways to get started.


One easy way to experiment with subtle, Spanish-inspired style is to start with a few accents.

Pick a shelf that needs updating and arrange some colorful pottery pieces. Or hang a set of vibrant prints on a blank wall that needs love. Incorporating even just one theme-appropriate accent is an effortless way to dip your toe in the trend.

A common mistake made by amateur interior designers is focusing all their attention on one perfectly-executed room. In doing so, they tend to leave other rooms throughout the home way less attended to in terms of thoughtful design. To really perfectly execute a thorough home decorating strategy, weave that style into every space.


Thoughtful fabric choices are another great way to incorporate that vibrant Spanish look into your space.

Modern Spanish Home Decor: Bright vibrant living room with Spanish-inspired textiles, rug and fireplace |
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If you want to keep it simple, try draping a warm patterned throw over your living room couch. Or take things a step further and get low with a bold area rug. Beyond adding an aesthetic element to your space, area rugs have a fantastic grounding effect that really helps to make a room feel more cozy and intimate. If you’re a believer in the benefits of feng shui, an area rug is a great tool for hampering stressful, frantic energy within a space, and inviting guests to slow down, spend time and enjoy the room.

Furniture Choices

If you’re really committed to modern Spanish decor, you may want to consider investing in some appropriate furniture choices.

For this look in particular, I love the idea of a simple, wooden bench. An entryway banco (or bench) is a characteristic decorative piece found in Pueblo revival homes throughout time. Consider adding one in a foyer if space accommodates. Not only does it offer guests somewhere to sit down on their way in and out, it truly executes Spanish design in a timeless, authentic way.

What do you think of modern Spanish home decor?


If it’s not for you perhaps you’d like to inject a little Filipino love into your interior design? Or maybe Korean hanok style is more your speed?


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