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Monochrome Interiors Create a Timeless Look In Ramat Gan Home

Monochrome Interiors Create a Timeless Look In Ramat Gan Home

Black and white has never looked so good

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on July 30th 2017
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NA House


Good old photos ooze timeless elegance. This was exactly the inspiration behind the designs for NA House – a renovation project led by architect Oshir Asaban. The stark contrast between black and white presents a dramatic focal point. This home has taken contrast to heart with a series of monochrome interiors that look sharp and well styled.


This renovation project painted a whole new look for this Tel Aviv apartment. The building dates back 40 years and its new style echoes some of the 50s mid-century modern looks of Eichler homes, with open plan rooms and well-styled ornamental collections.

Modern flat with open plan modern interior | NONAGON.style

The entrance lobby splits into two spaces. To one side are the private bedrooms, and on the other, an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen.

Modern living room with monochrome interior and steel framed glass facade | NONAGON.style

The living room features a medley of furniture. It takes a discerning eye to decorate in only one hue, but the grayscale options in this living room hint at the style and textures present throughout the house. There is plenty to please your eye, from the iron-framed industrial cabinet to the delicate geometric coffee tables.

Indoor outdoor living in a modern apartment with monochrome interior and balcony space | NONAGON.style

The balcony area is a perfect spot for plants, providing a pop of green against the monochrome interiors. The area was kept in its original form; it feels like a private garden attached to the apartment.

Monochrome interior with plant details | NONAGON.style
A sophisticated mid century modern flat with monochrome interior and leather armchair detail | NONAGON.style

Floor to ceiling window frames create a clear and sleek look, making the most of the light. A casual armchair makes the living room a place for relaxing, proving that a television needn’t be the focal point.

Open plan living and dining room with monochrome interior and mid-century modern accents | NONAGON.style

Layering the rugs in the living room area softens the feel against the cold tiles, creating a cozy divide from the kitchen and dining area. Rugs are a creative option to demarcate space in an open plan room, without putting up walls and partitions.

Dining room with monochrome interior and industrial design details | NONAGON.style

The dining room is nicely framed by the windows which look out to the garden, and provides plenty of space for entertaining. The white ceiling lighting counterbalances the slim chairs in matte black. Within the white room, a black storage cabinet and console table neatly define the areas.

Open plan living and dining space with monochrome interior and industrial design details | NONAGON.style
Open plan living and dining space with monochrome interior and wall art accent | NONAGON.style

The pale living room is punctuated by black shelving to show where the public space starts and ends.

Monochrome interior with gold design details | NONAGON.style
Elegant kitchen with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style

The kitchen is neat, with the black stained wood cabinets seen in other parts of the house making an appearance.

Kitchen with monochrome interior and modern poster | NONAGON.style

A black and white poster hangs on the wall in homage to Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Le Corbusier’s purist style of architecture totally fits with the minimal and elegant style of the NA House. This includes the ribbon windows that run the length of a wall, allowing in plenty of light.

Shelving detail in a modern apartment with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style
Mixed metal details in a modern living room with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style

Touches of brass, copper and wood feature throughout the home. Stylist Eti Buskila was in charge of creating these vignettes for the shoot.

Vignette with metallic design details in a monochrome interior | NONAGON.style
Black coffee table and contemporary wall art in a monochrome interior | NONAGON.style
Monochrome interior with light wood floors and black wardrobe details | NONAGON.style

Private spaces are softer and use wood slat cupboards and warmer tones for the flooring. These creates a shift in the public and private dynamic of the areas.

Bedroom with monochrome interior and soft gray textiles | NONAGON.style

Soft linens create a lazy Sunday morning vibe in the bedroom, with hanging lamps either side of the bed instead of table lamps.

Industrial-inspired bathroom with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style

Just like the featured loft bathroom in Budapest, this bathroom has just enough light and sleek elements to keep it from feeling dingy. If you too are looking for a way to artfully incorporate darker colors, opt for glass partitions or frames to allow for light to pass.

Industrial-inspired bathroom with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style
Vanity details in a bathroom with monochrome interior | NONAGON.style
Bathroom with monochrome interior and geometric design details | NONAGON.style

The home decor, with its geometric patterns, seems almost like an accidental Wes Anderson scene – just bring on the pink!

Vanity details in a bathroom with marble design details and monochrome interior | NONAGON.style

Overall, the NA House brings monochrome interiors together to create a beautifully classic look. Mixed materials work alongside each other to create an enduring home for its new homeowners.

Let us know what you think of this home in the comments. Do you think black works in the bedroom?


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