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Anniversary Special: Our Most Popular Stories to Date

Anniversary Special: Our Most Popular Stories to Date

Happy Birthday to us!

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on May 1st 2018
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May is a pretty special month for a number of reasons. It is a month of sunshine and pretty blooms after the misery of April showers. It’s also a month of public holidays, meaning most of us in the western hemisphere get at least one glorious long weekend to cherish. Last but not least, May is the anniversary birthday month of your favorite interior design inspiration hub, NONAGON.style. Break out the party hats and streamers – it’s time to celebrate!


This month we’re turning two years old! We’re anticipating a year ahead filled with impressive milestones, exciting developments and, of course, even more fabulous home tours. Here’s a look at how far we’ve come since our first ever story in 2016. Settle in as we count down our ten most popular stories of all time.

10. Dress Up Your Home for Fall

Kicking off the list is our cozy shopping guide dedicated to all things Fall.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Gray Scandinavian-inspired knitted pouf | NONAGON.style
image source

From chevron plaid rugs to hand-felted wool baskets, this round up features a lust-worthy collection of home decor must-haves, perfect for touching up your abode in anticipation of the colder months.


For the full shopping guide, head here.

9. This Compact Studio Apartment in Hong Kong is Big on Style

Forget sprawling country barn conversions and minimalist three storey town houses. Our next most popular article proves that when it comes to good design, size isn’t everything.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Scandi meets mid-century modern Hong Kong studio loft with blue sofa | NONAGON.style
image source

It’s hard to believe that this modern Hong Kong apartment is just 79 square meters in size! Large floor to ceiling windows and an airy open-plan layout makes this Scandi-meets-mid-century modern inspired studio feel light, bright and spacious.


Check out the full home tour here.

8. WooJai’s Vision for Paper Bricks

Here at NONAGON.style, we strive to bring you the latest interior and architectural happenings straight from those in the know. We share up close and personal conversations with the best in the industry, including product designer WooJai Lee.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: WooJai Lee PaperBricks project | NONAGON.style
image source

Back in 2016 we caught up with the Korean-New Zealander to learn more about his PaperBricks project. Even now, nearly two years on, we’re fascinated by the way he fashions recycled paper into sturdy bricks to be used for furniture design. It’s thrifty and forward thinking!


Discover more about Woo Jai’s PaperBricks project here.

7. Living Rooms That Don’t All Point to the Television

Despite news that the living room as we know it has fallen out of favor with millennial households, we’re still staunch supporters of having some sort of living space in our homes where we can sit, relax and… well, live.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Bohemian living room with hammock and striped rug | NONAGON.style
image source

We do concede that living space doesn’t always have to revolve around a TV set. And given that our round up of TV-less living rooms stands proudly at number seven on our list, apparently you agree!


Head here for TV-less living room inspo.

6. Taiwan Home Follows Feng Shui for Flow and Harmony

Throughout the past two years, we’ve featured a range of home tours sourced from all corners of the world. Norway, Costa Rica, Australia – you name it and we’ve (most probably) covered it. Though the world is our oyster, it’s interesting to note that some of our most popular home tours come from Taiwan.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Elegant dining room with hanging pendant light and wood table | NONAGON.style
image source

Our sixth most popular article is this sophisticated Taiwanese home tour. Designed with the principles of feng shui in mind, this sleek apartment is a masterclass in blending textures and elements to create a visually flawless, harmonious home.


Check out the full tour here.

5. Take a Sneak Peek Into This Stylist’s Apartment

One of our most memorable interviews has to be our home tour with interior stylist and lifestyle blogger, Marilen Faustino-Montenegro – she did bring us custard buns after all!

Walking into Marilen’s Hong Kong apartment was like coming home. It was warm, welcoming, and full of laughter and joy. We especially loved her calming blue bedroom, complete with candles for the ultimate relaxing hideaway.


Watch the video or head here for the full tour.

4. 7 Ways to Use Low Height Furniture in Your Home Decor

In addition to home tours and interviews, we’re all about exploring different ways to help you set your interiors apart from the crowd. One of your favorite ways from the past two years has been through the use of low height furniture.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Cozy sun room with low height seating and fairy lights | NONAGON.style
image source

Although low height furniture might be considered native to bohemian interiors and bachelor living, there’s no rule book saying that it can’t be adapted to other styles. Just take a look at our comprehensive round up if you don’t believe us.


See more here.

3. These Are 13 Iconic Designer Chairs You Should Know

Our third most popular article takes it back to basics with the ultimate guide to the humble chair.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: White Eames Lounge Chair in white living room | NONAGON.style
image source

From the Bertoia to the Eames Shell, we round up 13 iconic designer chairs that anyone with a proclaimed interest in design should know.


Get your education on here.

2. Dream Duplex in Kiev Makes Downtime Easy

Homes which feature a neutral color palette are traditionally winners here on NONAGON.style, so it’s not surprising to see that this Scandinavian-inspired all-white duplex has come in as our second most popular story ever.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: White dining room with paper lanterns and artist easel detail | NONAGON.style
image source

Boasting strong lighting game and unusual textures throughout, this family home proves that all white can be cozy and interesting.


See the full tour here.

1. Did You Know These 11 Types of Sofa?

Did you know that the most widely used furniture piece is the sofa? It makes complete sense then that our most popular story of all time revolves around the faithful couch.

Our Most Popular Interior Design Stories: Cozy living room with chaise lounge and booksehlf | NONAGON.style
image source

Cabriole, Camel backs and Chaise Lounges, we’ve got them all covered in our ultimate guide to different sofa styles. This is design 101 at its very best – perfect for becoming an interior design genius.

What has been your favorite story from the past two years? Let us know in the comments below!


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