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5 Romantic Comedies with Inspirational Interiors

5 Romantic Comedies with Inspirational Interiors

Which one's your favorite?

Written by –
Jess Ng
on November 12th 2018
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You know the drill. Boy meets girl in an adorable, if realistically improbable, ‘meet cute’. It’s love at first sight, yet the road to romance is fraught with melodramatic adversity. An interfering parent perhaps, or a beautiful but morally suspect love rival. Whoever the villain of choice, they’re no one our trusty hero or heroine can’t defeat within the standard 90 minute running time. And then it’s onward to happily ever after.


Yes, the classic romantic comedy is as predictable as they come. But in amidst the froth and sugar-coated fairytale, I believe rom coms have one redeeming factor. The interiors! Because no great silver screen love story ever occurred in a leaky bedsit – even if the main protagonist is a struggling writer living in the middle of New York (yes, I am referring to you Carrie Bradshaw). With this in mind, I’m rounding up my all time favorite rom com interiors. Even if you’ve a heart of stone when it comes to movie romance, these homes are guaranteed to have you falling head over heels.

Rom Com Movie Interiors

Crazy Rich Asians

Credited for reviving the romantic comedy genre, Crazy Rich Asians made waves as the first Hollywood movie in twenty years to feature an all-Asian cast.

Movie Interiors: Striking contemporary home with sliding glass door walls and jungle views featured in Crazy Rich Asians |
image source

While all eyes were on the characters’ fabulous costume stylings (who else would die for Astrid’s wardrobe?), it was the sumptuous interiors which really set the tone for the crazy rich world of the Singaporean elite. From the old school opulence of the Young family mansion to the understated luxury of Nick and Rachel’s Raffles hotel suite, this rom com was a lesson in extravagance.

Movie Interiors: Breathtaking facade of a luxurious contemporary villa featured in Crazy Rich Asians |

I was particularly taken with the striking contemporary home which appears in the movie’s opening scenes. Designed by B+H Architects, it boasts sliding glass doors in lieu of walls which open up for the ultimate indoor outdoor living experience. Talk about tree house vibes!

Down with Love

Down with Love is an homage to the early sixties work of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. As such, the set design pays tribute to its interior counterpart: mid-century modern.

Movie Interiors: Sleek mid-century modern living room with wood furniture and navy accents featured in Down with Love |
image source

Both Barbara and Catcher’s Manhattan condos are a modernist’s dream. Hers, a vision in pink complete with opalescent teardrop chandeliers and an indoor fire pit. His, masculine brown and navy in tone, with clean lines and sturdy wood furnishings. I love how the sets cleverly mimic the battle of the sexes story line!

Movie Interiors: Barbie pink sixties interior from the movie Down with Love |
image source

Design enthusiasts – how many iconic furniture pieces you can spot? Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair and Saarinen’s Womb Chair both take a starring role.

Home Again

In romantic comedy circles, Nancy Meyers movies have accumulated a cult following. And that’s in no small part thanks to her dreamy set design.

Movie Interiors: California cool hallway with rustic and boho accents from the film Home Again |
image source

A typical Meyers’ movie home is light, bright and breezy, and the Spanish-style hacienda which features in Home Again is no exception. The house in question is the epitome of California cool. There’s a nice balance of rustic and boho elements which makes the abode feel warm and welcoming.

Movie Interiors: Warm boho eclectic living room with earthy accents and statement fireplace as featured in the film Home Again |
image source

While this movie home has good bones to begin with, it’s the styling which truly makes the set design jump off the screen. Picture perfect vignettes featuring an array of artwork and other vintage treasures are a feast for the eyes!

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

If your movie is set in 1930s London, it’s only right to take full advantage of the era’s rich decorative aesthetic. That’s exactly what happened in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

Movie Interiors: Glamorous Art Deco penthouse suite with gold accents featured in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day |
image source

Think classic Hollywood glam meets Art Deco chic. To reflect the decadence of the film’s storyline, centered upon a high society singer-actress, the interiors drip with gold, marble and crystal. It’s like stepping inside a jewelry box.

Movie Interiors: Art Deo-inspired luxury penthouse with sweeping marble staircase featured in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day |
image source

To get the look, start with a monochrome palette and then layer in expensive design details. Remember, texture is key to softening any hard marble surfaces or gold shine.

It’s Complicated

I know, another Nancy Meyers movie? Well I told you she’s good, and it quite frankly doesn’t get any better than the equestrian ranch featured in her 2009 hit, It’s Complicated.

Movie Interiors: Beautiful farmhouse kitchen and rustic diner featured in It's Complicated |
image source

The farmhouse style kitchen has arguably become the gold standard when it comes to movie interiors. I bet that marble island has graced many Pinterest boards! And those open shelves are perfect for creating a cozy lived-in atmosphere.

Movie Interiors: Warm cozy living room with fireplace and blue design accents featured in It's Complicated |
image source

Elsewhere in the home, vaulted ceilings and warm earthy terracotta tones inspired by the color of the rooftops in the idyllic coastal town of Santa Barbara await.

What’s your favorite romantic comedy?


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