Taipei Home Merges Teal and Masculine Decor Elements |
Taipei Home Merges Teal and Masculine Decor Elements

Taipei Home Merges Teal and Masculine Decor Elements

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on May 6th 2016
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

At Will


甘納設計 Ganna Design


Siew Shien Sam – MW Photo Inc

Step in and look around at this pairing of delicate design in a rugged setting. I came across photos of this teal Taiwan apartment because they recently won the 2016 German Design Award for interior design.


The home belongs to a father and his two teenage boys who live eight floors up in the middle of Taipei.

Teal colors blend with masculine elements in Taiwanese living room |

The designers made use of the high cement ceiling and kept it classy it with charcoal tones and a subtle cool blue. The living room area is spacious and has different areas for sitting or lounging.


The chairs do a good job of echoing the blue found around the room, and that rocking chair looks so fluffy! The assortment of shapes and textures makes the room feel softer than it might otherwise be if it were all sharp corners and bookshelves.


The boys are big Lego fans, and it’s cool that their collection is on display in the storage units at the back.

Teal colored sofa, industrial style apartment in Taiwan |

The giant teal cushions that make up the sofa are also a bit like Lego bricks, with the square shape and large studs. They are stackable and buildable so that the family can put the sofa together the way they want to use it. It’s a fun way to create a platform for play, too.

Teal colors blend with masculine elements in Taiwanese living room |

The large windows open into a great eighth-floor view of the city skyline. And I love the big branch of blossom in the corner, it’s grand but delicate and fits nicely in the room.

Teal colors blend with masculine elements in Taiwanese living room |

The different layouts of the furniture show how versatile the room can be with rearranging space. Even the herringbone floor tiling feels that it wants to be a building block because of the way it fits into itself. Unlike other apartments, it does not center itself around something like the TV or the fireplace – it connects between different spaces easily.

Dining room table in Taiwan home, mixing teal and concrete textures |

Even without a table laid out for guests, the room feels like a fun place to have people over. It feels informal, but high-end.

Master suite bedroom featuring mixture of textures |

In the master bedroom there is a hidden closet and bathroom area behind the wall. It splits the bathroom into an area for bathing, dressing, and then also for a shower and toilet on the other side. Having the bathtub standalone like that, and with its opulent black chandelier above it, the room evokes that feeling of luxury. Notice also that herringbone pattern on the wall is doing a good job of echoing the wooden flooring.

Deluxe chandelier with ceramic tiles in the bathroom |

Lovely detailing on the bathtub feet.

Blue ceramic tiles in the bathroom with white storage |

The blue tiles are reminiscent of Spanish and Portuguese azulejo tiles. A favorite feature – the mismatched patterns work together to make a striking bathroom backdrop. The delicate fine lines are a contrast to the living room ceiling.

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom shower and toilet |
Black bed covers against white walls |

This apartment has a really fun layout that mixes spaces and blends between the formal elements of the concrete and starkness, with the fun teal streaks of blue. The project name is “At Will”, which sums up the idea that there is a fluidity to the function and shape of the room. Lovely concepts, and great contrasts.


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