The Timber House Offers Relaxing Materials and No Concrete |
The Timber House Offers Relaxing Materials and No Concrete

The Timber House Offers Relaxing Materials and No Concrete

LOHAS Park home offers calm

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on August 26th 2019
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Timber House


Hong Kong is a busy metropolitan city, with an incredible skyline of buildings and an ever-growing number of residences and duplexes for the growing population. One of the recent developments is the seaside residential space LOHAS Park, an acronym for Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. Finding a healthy balance of seafront promenades and pedestrian zones, homes are built on reclaimed land and offering plenty of greenery. It’s in this environment, we find today’s Timber House project from M.R. Studio.

As with many Hongkongers, facing the pressures of city life, the owner of Timber House was looking for a space that they could relax in when they come home. The design brief called for “calm and comfortable.” Working with Myron Kwan from M.R. Studio they came up with a space that had a resort aesthetic, that still captured that urban feel.

While a constructivist and concrete aesthetic is trending, Kwan explained “the design was inspired by the timber cottage, so that’s why the project is named The Timber House. The concept of the design is to create a calming residence that is undisturbed.”

Picking out the different kinds of wood and marble gave the space warmth, with a variety of textures in materials. “The light oak sets the natural tonality of the space, while the selection of furniture with various kinds of wood and marble combination enriches the personality and creates a perfect harmony.” In this home office area you can see that the green and white help to keep the space feeling light and fresh.


At first, the home owner really liked the idea of concrete, but as it’s a very hard material it was at opposites with the look and feel they said they were seeking. The sense of nature was instead drawn out through braided jute rugs, linen drapery and materials that soften the space.

In this dining room, the glass door is fitted with a water ripple effect to help diffuse light and keep the room spacious. Previously the original site was a white painted wall and white tile, but the home owner felt that the room was “cold and outdated.”

“I think the furniture is the most interesting part of the project. Some of them are purchased from Thailand, some of them were custom- made, some of them were sourced at the local furniture store. The combination of the furniture make synergy of the space,” describes Kwan.

With a living room perfectly kitted out for relaxation, it’s become the central zone for hanging out and chilling. A great space for friends to visit with the open dining room section. In fact, the marble dining room is Kwan’s favorite area of the house. The home owner can use this space to “display some accessories and wine bought from travels. The drawer in the middle can store the ugly stuff from daily use, but the shelf is an artful blend of aesthetic and function.”

A subtle blend of materials makes this home definitely touch on the feel for a relaxing retreat. Jute, wood, marble and plenty of softly falling light, make it the home away from the city and not a bare concrete wall in sight!


*Quotes have been edited slightly for grammar and clarity.

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