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MUJI’s New Hotel Is What Minimalist Dreams Are Made Of

MUJI’s New Hotel Is What Minimalist Dreams Are Made Of

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Written by –
Jess Ng
on April 4th 2019
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As the globally-renowned epitome of Japanese minimalism, MUJI has made a name for itself as the go-to for simple yet stylish homeware. From Marie Kondo-approved storage to wood accented accessories and desk decor, the brand’s offering is quite simply what minimalist dreams are made of. Now, with the opening of a brand new hotel in Ginza Tokyo, MUJI delights with the ultimate lesson in pared-back design. Keep scrolling for your exclusive sneak peek.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: Reception with gray flagstone statement wall and wood accents |

MUJI Hotel Ginza

Following the success of its Shenzhen and Beijing hotel branches, MUJI’s first Japanese site will open in the upmarket Ginza district of Tokyo this month. Described as ‘anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap’, MUJI Hotel will strive to offer its guests ‘great sleep at the right price’. At the same time, MUJI aims to help visitors ‘enjoy a deeper taste of Ginza’.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: Open plan suite with minimalist wood accents and clutter-free aesthetic |
MUJI Hotel Ginza: Double suite with minimalist bedding and wood accents |

Japanese Minimalism

The 79-room hotel features nine different suite types. These range from twin spaces with family bunk beds, to larger open-plan rooms complete with reading nook and a wooden bathtub.


Aesthetics-wise, the interiors embody the best of Japanese minimalism. Think lots of natural wood and stone textures, earthy neutral hues and a clutter-free approach to accessories. The overall look is clean, calm and soothing to the eye — perfect for easing you into the relaxed vacation spirit.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: Twin bedroom suite with wood accents |

Rest and Recover

To ensure a good night’s rest, MUJI have selected scientifically approved mattresses based on sleep and posture research. Meanwhile, clever lighting takes its cue from nature in order to create the optimum conditions for slumber.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: Family bedroom suite with bunk bed and sleek wood desk |

“All 79 rooms make elaborate efforts to support both the body and soul while away from home. We wish to create a sense of comfort [that is] as relaxing as home.”

MUJI Hotel Ginza: WA Restaurant with recycled flagstone wall |

Make Do and Mend

In addition to beautiful design, MUJI has made a point to prioritize sustainability through the use of recycled materials. From nautical waste materials to bricks carved from the flagstones of a 50 year old tramway, re-purposed components take pride of place as statement design features.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: MUJI Atelier featuring sleek saloon bar |
MUJI Hotel Ginza: Flagship MUJI store with wood accent details |

MUJI World

Overall, MUJI Hotel will be part of a bigger MUJI flagship complex which features a gallery, bar and library space (Atelier MUJI), restaurant (WA), and MUJI store where guests can purchase all of the items featured in their rooms.

MUJI Hotel Ginza: MUJI Atelier featuring a contemporary art gallery |
MUJI Hotel Ginza: MUJI Diner with wood accents and open shelving details |

Even better, MUJI plans to operate a simple pricing structure in which rooms will be priced at the same rate throughout the year, regardless of season and day. Now you have no excuse not to treat yourself to the trip of a lifetime!

For bookings and further information, head over to the MUJI Hotel website.


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