Mustard Yellow Decor: Interior Design Ideas
Mustard Yellow: Going Big and Bold or Just a Hint of Heat

Mustard Yellow: Going Big and Bold or Just a Hint of Heat

They call me mellow yellow

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on June 9th 2019
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Mustard yellow is just like its namesake, a sharp, tangy and tasty flavor that spices things up, but best kept as a condiment to the room’s overall decor. Mustard is a duller hue of yellow to your sunshine and daffodils yellow, but nonetheless has a special place in our hearts and by the hearth.


Check out our round up of mustard yellow decor that will add a little fire to your taste buds, or rather, flair to your interiors!

Mustard yellow doors on white cottage, photo taken by Brie Williams |
Photo courtesy Brie Williams

A Small Taster

Mustard yellow pairs really well with browns and blues on the dustier side of the color wheel. If you’re unsure about where to start with mustard yellow, pick it as a bedroom textile like in the following examples. Sunshine, after all, helps start the day right.

Mustard yellow cushion covers and other yellow decor ideas |
image source
Mustard yellow bed spread paired with a murky turquoise |
image source
Mustard yellow bed spread in Cornish cottage |
image source

An attic twin room with plenty of style. The deep blue provides the perfect palette for this mustard sandwich.

Mustard yellow bedding and drapes in cottage |
image source
Mustard yellow wall in the bedroom with cushions |
image source

Musty Moutarde

Does mustard go well with chocolate? When done right, these brown color tones provide the right depth for yellow.

Mustard yellow cushion in the cinema room |
image source
Mustard yellow cushions with brow chocolate sofa |
image source
Beyond beige, going for mustard yellow |
image source

Palate Cleanser

Going big and bold or pairing with something daring, mustard yellow can work to bring out the strength of the other colors in your home decor project. Dazzling emerald greens and rich sapphire blues look even more stunning with a dollop of moutarde on the side.

Mustard yellow chairs against a blue wall |
image source
Mustard sofa living room |
image source
Mustard yellow bed frame with blue and yellow tiles |

If you’re daunted at the thought of retiling your whole room but love the look of this one, check out our article on painted floor tiles and how to do them the right way.

Mustard for Life

If you’re not a full on mustard yellow fan yet, maybe these final options will give you something to mull over.

Mustard yellow sofa at Shootfactory studio, London |
image source
Mandy Moore's house features these gorgeous mustard yellow armchair pieces to match with the metallic elements in the room |
image source
Mustard yellow Lacanche cooker range in Tribeca kitchen |
image source
Mustard yellow chairs and carpet in the dining table |
image source
Mustard yellow sofa and living room styling |
image source

Do they call you mellow yellow? Or is there too much tang and not enough taste? Let us know your thoughts on mustard yellow for home decor.


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