Nautical Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space |
A Nod to the Ocean: Nautical Decor Ideas Guaranteed to Brighten Up Your Space

A Nod to the Ocean: Nautical Decor Ideas Guaranteed to Brighten Up Your Space

From ships to seashell

Cissy Wang
Written by –
Cissy Wang
on June 6th 2019
Cissy is a fresh graduate from CUHK with a major in English and Comparative Literature. Her writing gears towards the poetics of space in social, cultural and urban spaces. "In libris libertas" has always been her motto.

As summertime approaches, the lure of the beach is undeniable — just imagining the refreshing feeling of summer sun and the hues of shimmering sea puts me at peace. Planning to inject your interiors with seaside chic and get that sense of calm year round? If you’re considering incorporating some ocean inspired elements into your home, you’re in luck. Nautical home design is a timeless style. With this in mind, get on board with some coastal interior inspirations I’ve picked out, for the perfect maritime vibes.

Go Blue and White

Blue and white master bedroom has a soft and at sea blue and white pattern |
image source

A blue and white color scheme is the staple of any nautical interior. As such, this room chooses to keep to its simple palette featuring a calm, soothing blue paired with a clean, crisp white combination. It’s stunning splashed around the interior in hints and waves.

Nautical Wall Covering

Ocean Themed Decor Ideas: Large-scale wall art in client's living room |
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Try to bring in colors of the sand and the sea to a stark room with an ocean-inspired wall hanging. Set against a neutral background, this wall art takes center stage, transforming your space into a year-round quiet spot for contemplation.

Seashell Decor

Bedroom decor with light blue and seashells |

Accessories play a pivotal role in highlighting the nautical theme. If you fancy items associated with a hint of seaside chic, add some seashells to the bedroom wall as a centerpiece or sideline.

Anchor Motif

Ocean Themed Decor Ideas: Nautical room with anchor motif |
image source

The anchor is one of the prominent seafaring elements for a nautical pattern. As an enduring icon of sailing, anchor decor immediately evokes the wonder and magic of the sea to any home. In this way, accessories with anchor motifs are an easy way to add a bold nautical touch.

Maritime Patterns

Ocean Themed Decor Ideas: Striped pattern throw pillow in Mediterranean room |
image source

From starfish to coral, and spots to stripes, I enjoy the way these cushions take maritime inspiration without going overboard. It’s fresh, it’s relaxed and it’s subtle.

Ship Steering Wheels

Ocean Themed Decor Ideas: Living room with ship wheel wall decor |
image source

The enduring symbol of maritime decor, the nautical wheel proudly hung on the wall is best paired with furniture in a similar wood finish. Combining sea shells, blues and reds, and even a couple of paddles, this room must be the captain’s quarters!

Which of these nautically inspired decorating ideas is your favorite?


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