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These Finnish Designers Are the Next Big Thing in Scandinavian Design

These Finnish Designers Are the Next Big Thing in Scandinavian Design

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on May 18th 2019
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As the last embers of cozy Danish hygge are replaced by the Japanese art of wabi sabi, we’re setting our sights further north for the next best thing in Scandinavian design: Finland. Young Finnish designers are making waves for their material sensibility and quirky twists on the classic minimalist aesthetic. Keep reading to discover the ones on our radar.

Anna Kantanen

Object and interior designer Anna Kantanen is here to elevate the concept of ‘everyday’.

Finnish Designers: Contemporary lighting with geometric shapes designed by Anna Kantanen |
image source

“Everyday surroundings do not need to be dull or mundane just because we use them daily,” argues Kantanen. Cue a portfolio of ceramic tableware and luxury carpet designs, all inspired by the imperfect perfection of nature. We also love Kantanen’s abstract take on lighting which, in true Scandi fashion, utilizes geometric form and soft pastel hues.

Tero Kuitunen

Spatial and product designer Tero Kuitunen has one goal: to create something which moves and touches people.

Finnish Designers: Minimalist geometric mirrors with playful colored fringing designed by Tero Kuitunen |
image source

“I love to use bold colors, unexpected forms and humor,” shares Kuitunen. “With these choices, I want to evoke people with questions, make them happy and find insightful solutions.” Product-wise, a playful wall mirror with fanciful fringing embraces a minimalist meets Art Deco vibe. Meanwhile, terracotta ceramics add an earthier touch to Kuitunen’s collection.

Hanna Anonen

If you’re a fan of color, Hanna Anonen is your go to gal.

Finnish Designers: Colorful contemporary side tables and stools designed by Hanna Anonen |
image source

With degrees in carpentry, art and industrial design, Anonen brings together technical skill with color and whimsy. From a bright wooden ceiling light which serves as a modern take on the chandelier, to a candy-tastic ‘Merry-Go-Round’ side stool, think of her work as the furniture equivalent to rainbows and bursts of sunshine.

Hanna Lantto

Scandinavian design is well known for its functionality, and designer Hanna Lantto has taken this to heart with her focus on versatility and adaptability.

Finnish Designers: Colorful multi-functional Piilo stools designed by Hanna Lantto |
image source

Inspired by colors, Lantto hopes to offer the users of her furniture and jewelry collections an experience of surprise. Her signature Piilo Stool, for example, hides a storage space inside its seat, making it every bit as multi-functional as it is stylish.

Henri Judin

For the latest in Scandinavian minimalism, look no further than furniture and product designer Henri Judin.

Finnish Designers: Black minimalist wall art planters designed by Henri Judin |
image source

Combining optimal production solutions with functionality, sustainability and quality, Judin’s work encompasses all of the most important aspects we look for in modern design. Designs to note include his WARP series, in which Judin has attempted to implement optical illusion in furniture form.

Which of these Finnish designers are you most excited about?


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