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Where the Sky Meets the Ocean

Where the Sky Meets the Ocean

Limitless Views in this Costa Rica House

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on February 16th 2017
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Ocean Eye


With a forest at the back and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean right in front, this home in Costa Rica literally has the best of both worlds. There is so much to explore and enjoy outside that the designers wanted to make sure the interiors allowed an unrestricted connection to the mesmerizing outdoors.

Downstairs in this Costa Rica home is an open shared space |

Taking open plan living to another level, this home is built like a series of terraces and corridors completely exposed to the elements of nature. The almost naked structure of this house not only allows a direct connection with the outside but also creates a feeling of openness within. It enables a more communal outlook to living instead of hiding away in boxed spaces. The inescapable beauty of the surroundings makes this home a sanctuary for the family to enjoy and cherish their time together.

Incredible rooftop captures rainwater for use in daily activities |
Double height building with a pool and views to the ocean |

Thinking of safety first, the designers made sure that the land on which the house stands is stable and shielded from any possible falling debris from the hills. The house was designed to make the most of the island’s natural resources. By analyzing wind patterns in the area, there is a good level of cross ventilation which has reduced the use of air conditioning in even the most hot and humid months of the year. Also, by mapping the solar trajectory, designers were able to include floor length overhangs at certain places in the house that provide shade during the day while still maintaining the openness.

Roof collects rainwater to repurpose for daily activities |

Costa Rica gets plenty of rainfall throughout the year, so the roof was specifically designed to collect the rain water and repurpose it for daily activities. To utilize the abundant direct sunlight, solar panels have been installed that power the house. Additionally, the entire house is fitted with energy efficient LEDs. All these incredible features make this home sustainable and eco-friendly.

View from minimal home in Costa Rica
Locally sourced wood and table crafted by local artisans |

The materials used in this house were sourced locally and most of the furniture was handcrafted by local artisans. Also, to have minimal impact on the environment and reduce the cost of construction, the main structure including all the steel columns was prefabricated. It is interesting to note how different parts of the house were carefully crafted by different people and by using different techniques, but it all comes together as one seamless structure.

Locally sourced wood and table crafted by local artisans |

Even though the decor is super minimal, there is plenty of character. There’s a mix of leisurely and functional pieces of furniture with a lot of personality. The focus is obviously on the exterior views, but the interiors are just as inspiring. White walls reflect the beautiful sunlight making the house bright and the wood tones blend the interiors with the natural surroundings. The black steel frame is an architectural feature that also provides a visual contrast. It defines the spaces and gives this house a slightly industrial touch.


Every part of the house opens up to stunning views of the ocean while being cuddled by the lush green forest at the back. The overall open plan of this house has enough closed corners to give homeowners some private space.  It is a unique location that makes the experience of living here even more special.

Bedroom in this Costa Rica home makes full use of the folding doors for stunning views |
Kitchen with plenty of wood tones matches with metals and cement |

On the outside, this home looks like a reinvented cabin-in-the-woods, but the interiors are a different story. Other than the black steel frames, a cement flooring and countertops in the kitchen add to the industrial theme of the house. It is stunning to see how this house seems to come alive at night. With the views around submerged in darkness, this house looks like a beautiful hideout in the middle of nowhere.

Open view of this home, with sweeping vistas |
Night time views of this minimalist contemporary Costa Rica home |
Illuminated exteriors at night |

The overhangs come into play at night as well when they turn into walls covering up the front of the house and creating enclosures. It must be such a pleasure sleeping under the stars every night from the comfort of home.

Illuminated exteriors at night |
Costa Rica home refuses to block the view |

The Holdener family loves their new home and after living here for a while they confirmed that the sustainable aspects of the home did significantly enhance their living experience. They also love the terraces concept of the house that makes it feel like living out in the open with ocean views at their doorstep.


Would you like to live in a house like this? What is your dream home location?


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