Living Clutter-Free with this Open Plan Villa in Italy |
Living Clutter-Free in Italy

Living Clutter-Free in Italy

Spacious, functional, and private

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on August 3rd 2017
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Fluidity and open plan space; the trend for shared public spaces in the home is not going anywhere. But while many of us are opting for open plan homes, we’ve noticed how difficult it is to contain noises and smells, privacy and clutter. The solution is easy: different levels and heights, along with sliding wood and glass partitions allow you to enjoy the pleasures of spacious open plan while maintaining functionality and privacy. Tour this open plan Italian villa to find out more.

Spacious living and dining area with wooden furnishings in a contemporary open plan villa |

In this Italian villa in Salerno, a newlywed couple have moved in with their baby and two dogs. It’s a gorgeous family space and the latest renovation has enhanced the atmosphere with a soothing color palette among the stone pillars and wood furnishings.


The architectural objective was to enhance the look and breadth of the space by adjusting the perspective of the different levels, making it overall more fluid, functional and welcoming.

Sunken living area with sofa by B&B Italia and fireplace in contemporary open plan villa |

The living room area is sunken into the floor, with sofas in soft beige and mustard yellow from B&B Italia. By sinking the space, the designers created a cozy and warm room that still shares the open plan concept. Here, there is also a fireplace, and a hidden projector that descends from the ceiling.

Living room with sofa by B&B Italia, fireplace and projector in a spacious open plan villa |

Without a doubt the most challenging part of the whole project was demolishing the ground floor. The process involved digging up the foundations to fix up the home’s framework, but it meant that areas like this sunken den area were possible.

Large briccola wood table in the spacious dining area of a contemporary open plan villa |

Continuity between the lower floor is maintained with the stone flooring, and natural materials such as the large briccola wood table that occupies the dining room space. The whole living room occupies about 200 square meters. Previously the space had felt much colder and too dark, but tasked with the aim of creating warmth and coziness the designers looked in markets, art galleries and second hand shops to find the right pieces to soften the home’s overall look.

Briccola wood table, oak cabinet partition and Flos overhead hanging lamps in an open plan villa's dining room |

A long oak cabinet with wooden slats acts as a wall, a light partition between the living room and kitchen that slides shut when need be. Overhead hanging lamps from Flos also suit the need for large-scale lighting. The inside details even match well with the flooring.

Briccola wood table and dining chair set in an open plan villa |
Modern kitchen in an open plan villa with Kerlite countertop and ash wood dining table |

The central kitchen island makes it easy to be integrated in all the other activities going on. Made from Kerlite, the countertop is sturdy and long lasting, matching well with the ash wood dining table. At the end of it all is a fireplace with retractable glass in a stone chimney, creating a cozy dining dynamic.

Kerlite countertop, ash wood dining table and overhead hanging lamps in the contemporary kitchen of an open plan villa |

The combination of textures and shapes are pleasing to the eye, an aesthetic medley of colors and touch.

Statement fireplace and stone chimney in the kitchen area of an open plan villa |

The kitchen also benefits from plenty of sunlight streaming in through the glass doors that lead to the garden and swimming pool.

Corridor and staircase heading to the upstairs of a contemporary open plan villa |
View from a mid-terrace level balcony in an open plan villa |

A mid-terrace level featuring steel frame windows provides once more a private space that flows nicely between other public areas in the home. Following the iron railing upstairs, you get to the bedrooms.

Living area with wooden furnishings in an open plan villa |
Master bedroom of an Italian open plan villa with walk-in closet and bathtub |

The master bedroom is equipped with a walk in closet and bathtub with ornate brass taps. Warm lighting and rich materials make it a sumptuous room. It leads to a balcony that stretches around the whole of the house, where you can even find a jacuzzi!

Wood panelled basement level hallway of an open plan villa |

In the basement level, wooden paneling in horizontal stripes hides the access to a laundry and utility room, as well as a sauna room.

Bathroom and sauna with wooden furnishings in a contemporary open plan villa |

The designers from Studio 74 RAM greatly enjoyed working on this project:


It is a home that does not scream and does not impose on its occupants, but it assists them in the gestures of daily living by giving them that well-being that should be the ultimate goal of any intervention. Spacious and bright spaces, well-harmonized soft colors, design furnishings to complete the project, present but non-invasive technologies, quality materials. What appears simple and natural, in reality, it has choices of work, reflection, sensitivity.

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