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Our Favorite Perfectly Patterned Tiles

Our Favorite Perfectly Patterned Tiles

Tiles are More Than Just for the Floor

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on June 23rd 2018
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Tile is an increasingly popular choice for designing quirky and beautiful interior spaces. Durable, cooling to the touch, as well as aesthetically pleasing, designers agree that tile offers a unique quality that livens up and accents a multitude of places.


These are a select handful of our favorite perfectly patterned tile designs for both the kitchen and the bathroom. Hopefully, they will inspire creativity for your interior space!

Layers and Texture

The prettiest tiles | NONAGON.style
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The above image is a prime example of how tiles can be mixed and matched in texture to create an attractive yet heavy duty space. As you can see there is a combination of tessellated blue and white patterned tiles on the floor, connected by organic and geometric shapes. On the wall, simple white subway tiles look like brick, and a marble baseboard eases the transition between the two styles.


The color combination gives space to breathe, left uncluttered by the curtains and furniture in the room. Great use of layering for these pretty tiles!

Salt and Pepper

Pretty kitchen tiles | NONAGON.style
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This hard working kitchen demonstrates that gorgeous tiles do not have to be eccentric to get their point across. The monochromatic design of the tiles sprinkles color and pattern. Using various pattern designs in the same color, the look balances nicely against the wood and neutral finishes of the room. What we find pretty about this picture is that it gives a country rustic look to a modern space, specifically the way in which the pattern gives a tablecloth picnic like feel.

Pretty kitchen tiles | NONAGON.style
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Perfectly Patterned

Decorative tiles with cute triangle patterns in the wet room | NONAGON.style
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Large tiles give a small space a lot of potential and this is one of those examples that really drives that point home. Note that the pattern texture takes your eye around the entire bathroom and that the smaller tiles draw your eyes back to a focus point. It’s great inspiration for livening up traditionally mundane areas of interior design.

Eccentric Simplicity

Black bathroom tiles look great matched with this ink dabble wallpaper | NONAGON.style
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The shiny finish on these black tiles are sexy chic, rather than gloom and doom. Paired with a vibrant wallpaper, the room delivers on eccentric style. The black tile really helps ground the space.

Tiles Over Textiles

These bathroom tiles look so pretty! | NONAGON.style
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One of the problematic areas for interior designers is bathroom spaces, where it’s a hard space. It doesn’t usually work to use large carpets to soften bathrooms and wet spaces. But this bathroom shows you what you can accomplish with a well thought out tiling plan. The space looks larger by using the tile in different colors across the floor and off the wall. The tile runs down in a continued sweep, drawing the eye goes down from the wall to the floor.

Geometrics and Tesselation

Geometric tiles are pretty and playful in this kitchen design | NONAGON.style
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Tiles don’t have to be square or rectangular! Ceramic tiles can also look dainty! This kitchen is extremely pretty, thanks to its soft pastel touches and gold finishes. In many instances, you’ll find that tile has a mosaic, deliberately repeating and distinctive geometric intention to its design. However, the hexagonal tiles in this image are randomly tessellated to give a unique and flowery backdrop.


Orange bathroom tiles gives us 70s vibes | NONAGON.style
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The bathroom floor takes centre stage; bursting with sunshine in autumn orange, the 70s vibe is kept in check with the sleek contemporary finish of the room. The hexagon wall tile is a great subway tile alternative used to encompass the walls, bathtub, and the shower. The white grout surrounding the bathtub means the design is not competing with the other elements of the room, but rather subtly brings out texture.

Stating Your Statement

Prettiest decorative bathroom tiles | NONAGON.style
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We love the pretty tile in this bathroom, proving how functional and artistic tile can be. Gray marble flooring works to compliment the vibrant blues of the shower wall. This blue wall breaks up the space and adds a dynamic focal point to the room, like a happy mermaid.

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