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Our Top Home Design Inspiration Ideas

Our Top Home Design Inspiration Ideas

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NONAGON.style Team
on December 29th 2017
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Looking to pore over gorgeous houses, and swoon at the thought of designing your own? Here’s a list of the top home tours on NONAGON.style from this year; home design inspiration at your fingertips. You’re welcome.


Scroll on for the top apartments, family homes and studio spaces from different corners of the globe. From industrial to Scandinavian, bright and sunny to sleek and crystal – there was something for all on NONAGON.style in 2017.

Stephen Kenn sofa with indigo denim cushion covers and wooden furniture in stylish studio apartment | NONAGON.style

Sticking to its firm position as top of the charts for high property prices, Hong Kong‘s housing market offers very little room for wasted space. This studio apartment is packed with storage spots, boasting great design in its 79 square meter space.

Living room with dark wood flooring, gray sofa, cozy white armchair, black table and wide windows in a Scandinavian inspired home | NONAGON.style

Swedes away from Sweden still do Scandinavian, it seems. Emma and Martin turned their Welsh home into a soft Scandi-vibe space, with warm colors and complementing the ceiling’s wooden beams with natural materials.

Cozy and organized foyer entry table - no more lost keys! | NONAGON.style

Our blogging friend Marilen Styles took us through a tour of her apartment, detailing how she puts a room together and filling us in on the typical day for her and her family.

Modern open plan living room and dining room | NONAGON.style

Feng shui is a guiding principle in many design guidebooks. It provided a useful foundation for the design of this Taiwanese apartment.

Modern Ohio Home: Contemporary white living room with gray sofa and sleek bookshelf | NONAGON.style

If this home were an instrument it would be an accordion. From the outside it seems like a little house, but you’ll see there’s more packed away!

Rec room that can be turned into a bedroom when children come along | NONAGON.style

Gaspar Bonta has been sharing projects with us since we launched. This one is a modern apartment designed for a young man to host friends, but to be easily adaptable when it’s time to convert his space for family. Mixing play with future planning and you get… dinosaurs!

Dining area with wood accents and neutral color scheme in a modern apartment in Taiwan | NONAGON.style

Another Taiwanese apartment making our top list! This apartment is owned by two sisters, who were looking to bring two personalities together under one roof. Elegant black marble meets warm wood tones and wall dividers that give the rooms some privacy.

Traditional Korean Hanoks: Exterior of a beautiful Korean hanok with wood balcony and soothing earthy courtyard | NONAGON.style
image source

It’s no wonder that our article about modern Korean hanoks is a hit! See how traditionally crafted houses have maintained their beauty and relevancy in contemporary South Korea.

Industrial chic in the hallway with hanging lights | NONAGON.style

What’s striking about this apartment is that one floor says industrial, while another one says warm and soft. A yin yang of styles that are pretty harmonious, with emphasis on the pretty.

If you’re looking for more, don’t be disheartened. Check out our gallery and remember you can always click on the heart to select your favorites. Sign up for a user profile and you’ll be able to find your faves with ease.


Thanks for a busy year on NONAGON.style! Reach out to us by leaving us a comment, and letting us know what sort of home design inspiration you seek.


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