How to Do Painted Floor Tiles Right |
How to Do Painted Floor Tiles Right

How to Do Painted Floor Tiles Right

How these DIY projects got it right

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on May 30th 2019
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Looking to update your outdated floors? A perfectly patterned floor tile is both useful and pretty. But the cost and time spent re-tiling an entire room is off-putting. It’s no wonder that we’re seeing a rising trend in painted floor tiles, covering up old floors with a new paint job is a cheap option that opens you to a whole new world of design ideas.


Here are some of our fave pics that showcase how do painted floor tiles the right way.

Those Baby Blues

Patio space with blue painted floor tiles |

To start off with, one of the things about tiles is that they look like recurring patterns. You’re going to notice that many of the painted floor tile techniques will involve some kind of stenciling to look the part, and this design project by Old Brand New is no exception. The patio area undergoes a complete renovation, but the colorful result is a goody. Although at first they look like tiles, on closer inspection you’ll notice that lines aren’t super crisp because of the nature of the material. With the work that goes into layering and stenciling, we’re quite impressed with the work and think the hand-painted look is a success in this example.

Design project by Old Brand New making this patio one of joy |

Cheeky Checkerboard

Black and white patio painted floor tiles |
image source

For this outdoor patio look, two coats of white porch and floor paint started off the treatment by A Beautiful Mess. Painters tape helped measure out the “floor tiles”, making it easy to know where to paint. It also allows for a lot of customization of the tiles, so these are more rectangular than square. The black and white look are a good base for more colors and furniture layers. Very chic!

Black and white checkerboard-like patio painted design |
image source

Floral Flourish

Painted Floor Tiles Ideas: White bathroom with painted floor tiles in black-and-white floral patterns |
image source

This bathroom was once drab and dour, but thanks to its painted floor tiles decorated in simple black and white stencil designs, it’s a delight. The new floors look like they are from the Victorian era, but are actually a cream tile that was covered with chalk paint. This DIY project is the work of Classy Clutter was completed for under $50, using a stencil to get the look. Even the simplest black and white combo can be used for an eye-catching decorative effect.

Concrete Rug

Painted Floor Tiles Ideas: Inspiring patio floor paint |
image source

It’s the concrete rug, so to speak, with this project from Jen from The House of Wood. Wishing to place an outdoor rug in her garden, but unable to find something long lasting and sturdy enough, this patio spot was painted using stencils to create a tiled effect. The result? The perfect outdoor room for summer living!

Chevron Finish

Painted Floor Tiles Ideas: Small corner with chevron flooring design provides a feeling of spaciousness |
image source

Chevron is chic, and chevron is sophisticated. This DIY project from the Dos Family shows how floorboards are just as game for a paint makeover as tiles. Get the floor prepared by sanding, and first paint the whole floor white to create your blank cavas. Measure out the lines with a ruler and masking tape before getting stuck in with your other color.

What’s your verdict on painted floor tiles? Let us know your personal experience with this flooring option in the comments below.


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