Pantone Greenery: 7 Ways to Use It in Your Home Decor |
Pantone Greenery: 7 Ways to Use It in Your Home Decor

Pantone Greenery: 7 Ways to Use It in Your Home Decor

Light spring greens are the perfect accent to your home decor

Written by –
Indra Wangu
on December 9th 2016
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The color authority Pantone has spoken, and what refreshing news it is!


Greenery was announced as the Color of the Year for 2017, and we couldn’t be more excited. As this eventful year comes to an end, we are all looking for new inspirations, ideas, and insight. With Greenery leading the way in fashion and interiors, we can at least be assured that the new year will be colorful and fun.

Roze Quartz and Serenity, the champion colors from 2016 encouraged us to experiment with softer palettes, and as a result, we saw an increase in pastel colored interiors which were more feminine and delicate. These colors represented the blurring lines between gender roles in our society and challenged the age-old notion of ‘pink is for girls and blue for boys’. Both these colors were embraced and used in so many interesting ways, and we will continue to see them around for years to come. However, it’s time for something new!


Based on the idea of refresh, revive and restore, Greenery aims at bringing back our focus to life, vitality, and self-expression. This default color of nature can be seen all around us in so many magical hues, and has also been used in home interiors for a long time. Now that our attention shifts back to this vibrant color, let’s have a look at how we can add this bright and cheerful green to our homes.

A Pop of Green

Pop of green for the front door |
image source

With an increase in minimalist designs and muted colors in our homes, chances are most of us want to stay away from any bright colored objects. However, colors are the easiest and most fun way to add interesting elements to our home decor. This Granny Smith apple green will always look fresh, making it feel like spring even in the grayest of days.


Add pops of this color around your home, like a door, or around the stairs. They will add an element of surprise to your home, and keep things looking interesting.

Green spiral staircase lengthens the room |
image source
Greenery for your sink provides a pop of green |
image source
Greenery frames the mirror |

Accessorize Your Textiles

Greenery adorns the bedcovers with aplomb |
image source

Not all of us are a fan of bold permanent features, on the off chance that it might not always feel right to have them around. But this gorgeous green is hard to ignore. We have a solution!


Invest in soft furnishings like cushion covers, blankets and curtains in this spring-fresh color to add that zesty look to your home. Down the line when you feel like changing things around again, you can just tuck these items away. Although, I am pretty sure this color will warm your heart and you will love to have it in your line of sight at all times.

Greens and blues puntuate this cottage with color |
image source
Green curtains with blue hem |
image source
Greenery pillows paired with grey sofa |
image source
Sofa hits all greenery goals |
image source

Green in Eclectic Interiors

image source

With eclectic interiors, it is easy to introduce different colors to your home decor. Mix and match different corners of your home with this shade of green to add some more fun to your already interesting interiors. If you have some old furniture that could use a coat of paint, use Pantone’s Greenery to spice things up at home. You can also upholster an old couch, or add some modern looking chairs to a vintage setting to create a fresh look.


I love how this color can be complemented with so many different textures and shades, and it even fits right into the setting, making it look like an organic design.

Mix up the colors and let greenery pop! |
image source
Greenery makes an appearance |
image source
Green conservatory room Pantone's greenery |
image source

Green in Country Style Interiors

Greenery in cottage kitchen interiors |
image source

The earthy tones of a country style home blend beautifully with this shade of green, that is bright but grounded enough to not look out of place. It also fits well in rustic interiors which are based on natural elements, so think about including some plants or fresh flowers that bring out the best in your home interiors.

Flowery greenery wallpaper in vintage country style dining room |
image source
Greenery sofa creates spring feel |

Embrace the Greenery

Green ceiling and walls really pumps it up a notch |
image source

I must say that this is a bold move, but who wouldn’t want to wake up to this lush green color! I love how it makes the room feel cozy and fun at the same time. Also, even painting all the walls in this green will not make the room feel small or stuffed. In fact, it makes it look lighter and helps visually define all the spaces. Even the farthest corner will look approachable, and you can redefine your room more efficiently.

Another great thing about it is that this color will act as a beautiful backdrop to all your wall art. While white walls are still my top choice, I can’t help but admire how this green enhances the colors of all the paintings in the foreground, irrespective of their color scheme.

A Green Focal Point

Focal point with a greenery backsplash in the kitchen |
image source

We already discussed how adding pops of green and some green accents to the home interiors can help add an element of surprise, but they might not necessarily be the focal point of the room. While this color will surely draw anyone’s attention, adding a specific focal point to a room works best in minimal home decor.


A hint of Greenery in your minimal rooms will become the key feature of the room and since there are no other contenders in your minimal decor, it will look even more engaging. It will also help break the monotony by providing an interesting visual contrast.

Extra Green Outdoors

Outdoor furniture in greenery |
image source

It might sound redundant to have green colored furniture or accessories in an already green outdoors, but it works like a charm. It visually extends the lovely greens to the porch or balcony. You can always re-purpose some old furniture, paint it in Pantone’s Greenery and place it on your deck outside, or add some cushions to your existing furnishings to add this color to the decor.

image source

What do you think of greenery? What colors would you like to introduce to your home? Get chatting in the comments!


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