Creating a Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Paris |
Creating a Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Paris

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Family Home in Paris

Loft extension and a comic book collection

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on July 26th 2016
Originally from London, Isobel is enthralled by the curves and lines that make up a city. It's fascinating to see how modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks muddle together. Her Instagram feed @Isobel_McKenzie is usually full of spiral staircases and tall buildings. Can also be found on Twitter.. sometimes.

Bois-Colombes 5


Welcoming and friendly with enough space for personality in every room – that’s how this family home feels. You can find this three story house nestled in the tree-lined streets of Parisian suburb Bois-Colombes. From beginning to end of a tour through this home, you feel enchanted with its friendly colors and charming personal touches.

Front door entrance for Paris home tour in Bois-Colombe |

The house belongs to a French family; a professional couple, with their two teenage children. The parents felt that it was time to renovate the home to make the place feel more attractive, and enlisted the help of interior architect and designer Camille Hermand.

Living room with bookshelves and hanging art display |

The living room uses muted colors for a friendly, relaxed vibe. Green is the color of calm and relaxation, and just so happens to works well in this room of white and woody tones.

Living room decorated with light display |
Paris home with living room sofa with woolen cushions and a sheepskin rug |
Sofa with woolen cushions and a sheepskin rug |

The father is an avid collector of comic books, and you can see the bookshelves were an important part to include in the room for their heaving library. So as well as setting an area for play, the living room has its space for reading, too.

The colors stay sedated and simple, and the top part of the room has ample space for a hanging mobile.

Lighting and art display in Parisian living room |
Flowers on the coffee table |
Paris living room features green and yellow furniture in white room |

When your space feels too dark or heavy, you can lighten it up easily. Fluffy furs, woolen knotted textiles, and gentle blossoms soften the darker and harder elements of this room.

Batman comics and graphic novels in the living room |

Use art in your home that makes you happy. The family like to keep things fun, and you can feel the personality of a home by the art you choose and the items you keep out on display.

Graphic novels and comics on the bookshelf in the living room |
Paris apartment with orange dining chair set |

Off from the living room is the dining area. The wooden floorboards have the same varnish finish, although the pattern shifts from large panels to a warm herringbone shape.

Black front door of Parisian home with white dining table |

The area by the font door can often be a place with a lot of mess. It’s easy to build up clutter because you are likely to drop things down as you walk in through the door to deal with later, but sometimes later never arrives. It’s a place where post piles up and your umbrella stash waits for a rainy day. So take inspiration from this home; use boxes to keep things neat, and a table or magazine rack to hold on to your letters and newspapers. Just don’t forget to clear it out once in a while!

Hallway |
Kitchen organisation with a plant in the corner |

A magnetized board can keep your shopping list ready to go out the door, and provide a place of cheer for postcards from friends and families visiting foreign shores. Buckets are great for umbrellas and keys.

Green walls with black balcony staircase |

Striking are the black banisters that run up the length of the stairwell, contrasting well against the olive green wall. The simple lines and contemporary colors are a lot like the shapes and style also found outside.

Outdoor facade for Paris family home in Bois-Colombe |
Outdoor dining space in Paris family home |
Garden and table setting in Paris suburb family home in Bois-Colombe |
Blue wall and outdoor dining area for family home in Paris suburb |

A cozy spot for Sunday lunch, or those lazy summer evenings. We love the mobile art making an appearance outside, too. It is balanced well with the colorful outdoor lighting.

Paris house in Bois-Colombe |

One of the extra additions to the house was a loft extension. The trickiest part of the renovation was discovering that the walls were a lot thinner than they had first appeared. It means that any additions and renovations on top had to stay lighter than originally intended. Nevertheless, the big wide window space is a wonderful addition to the top floor.

Geometric wallpaper in the children's bedroom |

The bedrooms are all spacious and seasoned with patterns and cooling colors.

Children's bedroom in deep blue tones and geometric wallpaper |
Children's bedroom in deep blue tones and geometric wallpaper |
Blue mosaic tiles in the bathroom |

Tiles in the bathroom are a chance to change things up a bit. Most other bathroom fittings are simply white, it’s not like we can add colorful throws to make the room feel brighter! Mosaic tiles are fun and make the bathroom unique.

Black and white tiles in the bathroom |

The top floor loft extension was created entirely for the parents to have a space of their own. A row of windows bathe this area in light,

White subway tiles with black furniture, mirror and mosaic tiles |

Compared to the more carefree and lighter elements of other bathrooms, you can sense that this one is a grown up space. The neat black and white of the room is sophisticated, and we love the mosaic tiles.

Blue bedroom walls with a floor length mirror |

This intense shade of blue is neatly contained by the white walls and floor in the room. The colors of that chair, paired with the sloping ceiling and blue wall are reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting, don’t you think?

Blue bedroom walls with desk |
White bedroom with geometric pattern above the bed |

Charming and clutter free, it’s the unobtrusive selection of furniture that allow for a clean feel. The built in wardrobes line the back of the room, and the bed is stacked with drawers in its frame. These little things make it easy for a room to keep neutral. However this room keeps the rest of the room muted so that the shelf above the bed can take center stage.

Light in a jar with black and white wallpaper |

Check out the jam jar lamps on the shelf above the bed. Instead of having bedside tables, this bay area above the bed becomes a place to put belongings within easy reach at bedtime. These lamps are simply charming and look great against the wallpaper and book collection.

Light Black stairs with green walls |
Locker storage with robot statuettes |

From top floor down to bottom, it’s a house with solid wooden floors, charming collections, enjoyable colors and a family feel. It’s definitely a welcoming place, and some of these tips can inspire you for your own interior projects.


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