This Berlin Apartment Is the Ultimate Bachelor Suite |
Penthouse Prenzlauer Berg Is the Ultimate Bachelor Suite

Penthouse Prenzlauer Berg Is the Ultimate Bachelor Suite

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on January 2nd 2017
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Penthouse Prenzlauer Berg


A perfect penthouse suite that exudes the personality of the bachelor that lives here. This Berlin apartment has a lot of fun design, character and fascinating details. Its open plan feel is designed for entertaining and relaxing. It features lots of warm brown hues, with walnut and caramel flavors in the color palette, infused with hints of yellow and green.

Dining room with eclectic chairs in this Berlin apartment |

The dining room features some lovely shades and tones, with the fabulous marble table that was so large it wouldn’t fit in the elevator! It had to be brought up by crane through the balcony and assembled on site.

Tulip chairs in the dining room of this Berlin apartment |

The wide variation of shapes and textures makes the apartment feel rich without being cluttered.

Gorgeous lighting over the living room in this eclectic Berlin apartment|

The smoothness of the lamps above the dining table gives the room a classic look, but also contemporary. They are inspired by tube amplifiers from the 60s, and seem robust and strong but still emit a delicate glow.

Mid century modern furniture in this eclectic Berlin apartment |

The console table that stretches across the windows here is a lovely deep olive color, and I really enjoy seeing the texture of the hidden raised details under the leather. Along with many wood elements in the home, leather and animal motifs are recreated throughout the lounge. One example is the artificial fur wallpaper that the Berlin Rodeo duo found that pairs well with the antelope skull. There’s also the suede of the sofa, and the zebra rug underfoot.

Eclectic living room in this Berlin bachelor home |
Eclectic living room in this Berlin bachelor home |

The circular panels were designed to act as a partial divider, and they create different segments of the room but without blocking the view too much or distracting from the overall flow of the room. The large statement plants are exciting and possibly a sign of the direction we will be taking in the coming year for bigger bolder pieces in home decor.

Brown sofa in this eclectic living room |

The round circles of the partition are also fun geometric shapes to balance against the triangles of the wallpaper. In between the cut out section you can see another imprint of geometry; the big round clock.

Quirky interesting clock design |

Designer Axel Schäfer first found the clock at the Milan Design Fair, and designed the walnut backdrop to house it.

Indoor and outdoor |

The outdoor terrace area is just as welcoming for entertaining as the inside. A good space to have a few drinks on a summer evening.

Outdoor furniture in the balcony with planters |
Eclectic living room with green rugs |

I enjoy looking at the tall planter between this room and the windows! It feels like there is a tree growing nearby.

Blue bedroom |

Almost a complete departure from the brown honeyed tones of the apartment, this blue themed bedroom is an oasis of calm. The idea being that the owner can slip away into his own bedroom and it’s a private area for relaxation, separate to the eclectic collection in the public areas. Instead of pop art and provocative pieces, the walls are adorned with portraits of family and friends. It’s a place where he can unwind with a movie in a calm quite space. Instead of wacky geometric shapes, it has more straightforward cuboid shapes and simpler designs on the fabric and upholstery.

Tulip chair in the sitting room |

What’s great to see in the apartment is the varied use of lighting, with these lower level hats that are great for reading spotlights or cozy conversations. But there are also track lights around to help draw your attention to the art and displays.

Blue and beige bedroom |

With great attention to the tactile nature of the materials, the variation of the patterns and shapes around the home, and the lovely spots for cozy conversation it feels like a warm and inviting home. It has a fairly eclectic vibe, with a wonderful energy.

Interesting quirky clock |

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