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The Perfect Australian Weekend Getaway Cottage

The Perfect Australian Weekend Getaway Cottage

Balancing eclectic style with excellent taste

Isobel McKenzie
Written by –
Isobel McKenzie
on January 13th 2018
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Uplifting, beautiful and honest. Those are the core principles instilled in this renovation project by architect Bryant Alsop. Searching for a weekend getaway cottage, the home owners wanted to mix old and new, and there is a wonderful vibing of styles and decades. The outcome of this 1920s era cottage renovation is an eclectic cluster of wooden pods, kept uniform with a dark stained timber frame and sharing the beautiful Australian bush setting.

Australian weekender cottage with black timber frame | NONAGON.style
Australian weekender cottage with black timber frame | NONAGON.style

From the exterior view you can see where the original cottage is joined by three new annex pods, all finished with a black timber stain. The main cottage holds the guest bedrooms and the sitting room. A sloping area further down hosts the kitchen, dining room, living room and further still, the master bedroom.

Verandah along 1920s renovated cottage, Australia | NONAGON.style
Driftwood hangs in this eclectic industrial cottage | NONAGON.style

A mix of beautifully polished hardwood floors, and sleek industrial cabinetry merge in the kitchen. I really love the hanging baskets used as lighting in the house, although I imagine they’re not so fun to clean the dust off.


Hanging driftwood is an encouraging reminder that this is a coastal home, too!

Contemporary kitchen for 1920s cottage | NONAGON.style
Open beams are a delightful feature in the open plan living room | NONAGON.style
1920s Australian cottage keeps the wooden A-frame beams in the ceiling | NONAGON.style

A living room hosts a wood burning fireplace and plenty of windows for gazing at the surrounding bush land. A coffee table on wheels can be moved around as it suits, encouraging this open plan space to be used to its fullest.


The living room shares a ceiling with the kitchen, but is sunk down a level given the topography of the land. Steps either side of the fireplace provide access.

Wood burning stove in the centre of this cottage living room keeps the whole house toasty | NONAGON.style
A large portrait is propped against the wall, and a Union Jack hangs to the center of the dining room | NONAGON.style

The dining room furniture sits comfortably among the large-scale collection of paintings. An artist’s studio workshop has also been created on the end of the cottage, with plenty of light and space to work.

Artist's studio in weekend cottage retreat, Australia | NONAGON.style
Round mirror changes the shapes in this black and white bathroom | NONAGON.style
Contemporary bathroom with relaxing hanging basket lantern | NONAGON.style

The master suite is a separate pod to the end of the house, with a stylish bathroom and bedroom. Large sliding door windows look out onto the bushland setting, with a private deck for sitting out and contemplating.

Simple minimalist style in 1920s cottage | NONAGON.style
Blues in the bedroom and hanging lamps either side | NONAGON.style
Bedroom and bathroom suite is external pod on cottage site | NONAGON.style

It’s a delightful house, melding the 1920s timber bungalow style with contemporary and industrial furniture, for the perfect weekend getaway cottage.


If you’re curious to see other homes like this, you’ll love the Summer Beach House project by Adrian Bonomi Architects. Or fancy seeing something completely different? Check out this light and collectible Turkish apartment with a completely different kind of dining room.

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