Modern Beach Home Built with Mid-Century Twist
Modern Beach Home with a Mid-Century Twist

Modern Beach Home with a Mid-Century Twist

Suburban beach home with retro style

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on September 29th 2016
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We have a mid-century modern inspired home here, which blends laid back architecture style with tall shapes and stacked cement.


While we’ve shared tours of Scandinavian cabins and Russian meditation cubes, but check out this laid-back Australian home built over a slope but grounded in its easy-going nature.

City Beach House exterior with mid-century modern stylings |

The city of Perth in Western Australia is a wonderful mix of relaxed beaches and exciting city life; and this home, in many ways, is a perfect representation of this.


This three-story home with modern features struts out against the humdrum of the suburbs, basking in its splendor with combination of flawless design thinking and an excellent use of the surrounding landscape. With unrestricted views of the ocean, it was important to execute a seamless inside-out connection so that the owners could enjoy every aspect of this house.


The owners bought this piece of property back in 2001. As the family has grown and they now share the space with young children they wanted to create a family home that was also flexible for future use. Top of the list too, was the demand to create a contemporary home inspired by mid-century modern architecture.

Jason Saunders' City Beach House exterior with mid-century modern stylings |

The sloped land with tapered back gave way to an interesting structure for this house. At the lower ground floor is the garage and a foyer that further leads to the main level or the upper ground floor. With a nod to the architecture of the past, bluestone cladding was used in the part of the house that acts as a central element in the entire structure. It is reminiscent of 60s stacked stone cladding, putting a spin on the contemporary and throwback aesthetic of the exterior.

Piled concrete slices for exterior wall cladding - retro vibe |
Living room with soft textiles against hard elements |
image source

The owners also wanted to create intimate living spaces in the more expansive rooms. The living area that looks over the ocean is designed to create an open feel with tall frameless glass windows. With such gorgeous views to look at, who needs a television in their living room?

Comfortable laid back sofa with wide window views |

The wooden slatted roof creates the perfect beach house feel in here. By filling the home naturally with more light, the family are able to save on electricity bills. It has also been designed to allow for a good breeze circulation, so that it doesn’t get too stuffy in the summer months. Important ideas when trying to put together an energy efficient space.

Eames chair and concrete stacked wall with storage shelf |
image source

Notice how the Eames lounge chair fits in perfectly!

Mid-century modern styling with wooden ceiling and large windows |

In the living area you can clearly see the mid-century modern features, balanced with contemporary design and furnishings. The dining chairs are a contemporary take on mid-century modern design, while the bookcase at the far end looks like it came straight out of Betty Draper’s living room. The use of indoor plants creates a sense of visual connection between the inside and out.

Kitchen island and dining table with open floorplan |
Marble kitchen with island block |

The kitchen is stunning and minimal. It beautifully fuses current design trends, and I love the lowered woodblock that acts as an extension to the countertop. It sits well against the marble, and works as a bench or informal breakfast bar.

Hanging lights above the dining table |
Dining area under circular skylights |

Push open the frameless glass doors and you have a sheltered outdoor area that lets the breeze in; a simply gorgeous space where the stone cladding blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Circular skylights over the outdoor dining area are a brilliant idea. They have a throwback look, and create beautiful sunlit circles on the floor that change throughout the day. There is also a secondary kitchen area here, to make grilling on the barbecue that much easier. Absolutely fantastic for large gatherings and entertaining.


In the right corner you can find another sitting area with a television and views of the pool outside.

Kitchen and dining area |
Contemporary home with swimming pool |
Round skylight set against wooden ceiling |
Stacked concrete walls and art on the walls |
Balcony view from city beach house |

The family can also enjoy their outside time on this gorgeous balcony. Glass boundaries create a seemingly endless viewpoint.

Glass stairwell and tall windows |

Setting a different tone from the rest of the house, these glass stairs lead to the top floor which houses all the bedrooms.

Outdoor pool with shade |

The pool is almost hidden from any other part of the house. It is a nice addition especially with kids in the house who can enjoy a nice summer break by the poolside.

Master bedroom with lots of mirrors and a walk in wardrobe |

The master bedroom fully embraces the mid-century modern look and feel. The extensive use of timber, that is complemented by white trims and walls, extends into the bathroom. Clean lines, wooden slats and cement floors are also reminiscent of the mid 21st century. Notice the gray carpet in the bedroom that quietly mimics the cement floors too.

Deep warm tone bathroom with built in shelving |
Bathtub with double basin bathroom and long walls of mirrors |

In the bathroom, you can again see a mix of styles. While the woodwork screams 50s fab, the bathtub and sinks are contemporary modern. I love the use of space, and the his-and-hers sinks!

Exterior shot of the City Beach House |

This suburban home flawlessly incorporates all the styles and features it can to enhance its surroundings, creating and allowing a seamless connection between the indoors and outside. The owners love their new home and are looking forward to spending their days soaking in the ocean views and creating long lasting memories with the family.


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