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Pet Play Faves From

Pet Play Faves From

Our top pet-posts yet!

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on December 23rd 2017
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It is hereby decreed that pets are cute. But maybe you already knew that! If you don’t believe me, check out these top pet-friendly posts that show how pets are just as much family and just as much deserving of design-focused fun.

7 Quirky Cardboard Cat Accessories for Your Feline Friends
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After going to all the effort of creating the perfect setup for Felix, and he goes for a cardboard box? Typical!


7 Quirky Cardboard Cat Accessories for Your Feline Friends

See more from Rosly Mok who designs furniture for both cats and their human companions.


Three Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

The world's first smart bone pet toy for dogs - the GoBone |

Smart bones? Puzzle toys? Fang the Wonderdog eat your heart out. This article is one of our most read, suggesting there are a few of us who’d like to play with pets even if we’re stuck in small apartments. From knitted toys to smart gadgets, why not give a dog a bone.


No Backyard? These Fun Pet Toys Will Keep Your Furry Friends Happy Indoors

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