Gdansk Home Keeps You Cool with Calming Grays |
Keep Your Cool in this Calming Gdansk Home

Keep Your Cool in this Calming Gdansk Home

Think gray is boring? This home might just change your mind

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on January 13th 2017
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Apartment Aw Wa


While we feature many luxury home tours on, this apartment’s design brief was the polar opposite. This Gdansk home features a relaxed and simple theme with its soothing gray fittings and finishes. We particularly love how it emulates a modest and unassuming style. When you step inside the space immediately feels cool, calm and relaxed.

Gdansk Home: entrance and dining area with wooden table and white and gray furnishings |

Coming in through the doorway, you can already get a sense of the calm, neutral color palette of the apartment. The home’s owner is an energetic, sociable and hardworking woman, whose passion is traveling and foreign languages. This is the perfect place for her to unwind and soothe the soul.

Gdansk Home: open plan kitchen and living room with a gray sofa and copper window frames |
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The tall windows that open out onto a balcony area are framed by thin gray curtains that match the sofa, as well as the kitchen countertops. The grays and hints of copper merge all three elements of the space together. It’s definitely the sort of place that you could easily move into. It has all the things you need, and provides a blend of elements; fluffy throws, satin cushions and smooth parquet. Meanwhile the subtle blend of styles keeps things interesting to look at.

Gdansk Home: open plan kitchen and living room with gray sofa and white gloss finishing |

We’re also fans of the copper and metallic elements, and similar tones are reiterated with wooden boards and animal fur textiles from BoConcept.

Gdansk Home: open plan kitchen and living room with a gray sofa, BoConcept pillows and hints of wood |

In the kitchen, the countertops and cabinets, finished in a white gloss, keep with the simplistic theme. They’re neatly tucked into the niche of the wall.


As we move into the open plan living space, big windows look out to the city below, letting in plenty of light from the balcony. Although part of both rooms, the clear divide between the parquet and the kitchen tiles show easy demarcation between functions. Indeed, every space within the 72 meter square apartment is defined.

Gdansk Home: open plan kitchen and living room with wooden dining table and copper window frames |

Furthermore, we can see how design unity has been achieved through clever choices in mix and match styling. The dining chairs, for example, are quite similar when it comes to sitting in them – both the Eames Plastic Chair with its metal base and the white Panton chair. Despite their different legs, both chairs share similar curves.

Gdansk Home: living room with wooden dining table and copper light fixtures |
Gdansk Home: industrial style concrete bathroom with a cozy backlit shelf and an earthy wooden stool |

The architectural concrete used for the walls in the powder room was one of the trickier aspects of the renovation. But it creates a striking finish, and we adore the backlit niche created for the shelf. We do wonder how they get to the cistern if need be, though!

Gdansk Home: modern concrete bathroom with fluffy rug and glass shower partition |

The hexagonal diamond shapes of the kitchen pendants are replicated in the bathroom with these beehive tiles. However, what we  especially love about this room is the big circular mirror in the middle of the wall. The wide shower base spans so that it fits snugly to the walls, with a frameless glass door as a partition.

Gdansk Home: bedroom with gray bed, black and coppery lamps and a metallic bedside table |

The bedroom is without a doubt one of our favorite spots in the house. The black copper lamps above the bed are from Scandinavian brand House Doctor. The lamps match closely with the funky headboard created by the same designer who worked on this project, AW WA Wnętrza. What’s more, there are plenty of soft and fluffy pillows, blankets and textiles to balance against the stark walls and parquet floor. A great space for a good night’s rest.

Gdańsk Home: bedroom with gray bed, black and copper lamps and a dark wood chair |

Books in the bathroom, books in the bedroom! The owner likes to keep her literature at hand, and the dark chair works well as a bedside space for a bit of late night reading.

Gdańsk Home: bedroom with fluffy gray pillows and metallic black lamp |
Gdansk Home: a reading corner and a cup of tea |
Gdansk Home: black metallic bedside table and gray curtains |

Overall this Gdansk home is open to all. It’s a home that would be easy for anyone to move into and call it theirs. There are plenty of lovely design touches that give it a sense of style and familiarity too. The owner is super happy with her space, its cool palette and calming interiors. How would you like to stay here? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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