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TAMEN Décor Zōgan Wood Inlaid Porcelain Bowl
Zōgan “Embedded Ware” uniquely combines traditionally distinct Japanese dishware materials—hardwood and porcelain. The fusion of organic and ceramic employs innovative craftsmanship resulting in a clean design that belies the challenges entailed in uniting these materials. Elegant porcelain geometries embedded in durable, dark walnut provide a look that stands out as a conversational centerpiece or in remarkable place settings.
TAMEN Décor Zōgan Enamel Inlaid Wooden Tray
The fusion of organic and ceramic employs innovative craftsmanship resulting in a clean design.
TAMEN Décor Yosegi Japanese Multi- Functional Pair Stools
The award winning Yosegi Stool is a fun furniture puzzle; two fully functional, symmetrical stools merge into a single seat, or to save space for easy storage.
TAMEN Yesegi Stool (Special Jindai Cedar Edition)
Yosegi Stool is a multiple-award winning furniture piece. Inspired by Japanese Kumiki puzzles, this stool incorporates traditional Yosegi inlaid wood pattern, and Tsugite geometric wooden joint, techniques.
No.30 Pencil Sharpener
The design for our pencil sharpener was inspired by Japanese capsule toys aka gashapon. The top is an integrally-formed aluminum sharpener while its lower half is a weighted zinc alloy. Resting on its heavy bottom, this egg-shaped pencil sharpener can rock around like a roly-poly toy.
Serene Life Art Workshop Ocean Wave Around Islands Resin Table
Could you imagine an ocean wave on your coffee table?
ComfyCozy Sukowon Suar Wood Side Table
Match this sturdy coffee table with the Z stool.
ComfyCozy Ubud Seashell Side Table
Let your room shine bright with this seashell table!
ComfyCozy Solowo Teak Wood Round Stool
A child's next favorite play stool.
ComfyCozy Lopahan Small Coffee Table
A petite coffee table that is perfect for small living spaces.
ComfyCozy Rectangular Pedestal Table
A space-saving pedestal table.
ComfyCozy Slogo Round Stool
2-in-1 natural wooden stool, what's more environmentally friendly than that?

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