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6 Pawsome Treats That’ll Have Your Cat Feline Good

6 Pawsome Treats That’ll Have Your Cat Feline Good

Purr-fectly irresistible

Written by –
Jess Ng
on February 16th 2018
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Calling all cat parents! How about showing your feline friend some love with a purr-fectly irresistible treat or two? I’m not talking about an extra helping of catnip here, but rather a cozy faux fur blanket or an elegant terrazzo pet bowl. Read on for more stylishly functional products for cats that’ll have them purring with happiness.

Reposo Cat Blanket

The perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cat nap, this luxurious designer cat throw mimics the softness and warmth of real fur to create the perfect lounging spot for your feline companion.

Products for Cats: Cozy faux-fur Reposo Cat Blanket | NONAGON.style
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It’s also durable and machine washable, making this cat accessory for all cat parents to keep clean and tidy. Head to Sasha and Me to find out more.

Terrazzo Pet Bowl

Make mealtimes an occasion to remember with a fun and vibrant terrazzo pet bowl from French Bull.

Products for Cats: Colorful and vibrant Terrazzo Pet Bowl | NONAGON.style
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Okay, so the aesthetics of the bowl is more for us than for the cats. But it does (or will) contain a generous heaping of catnip, so it’s a win-win all round really.

Frank House

Fit for a kitty king or queen, these adorable cat houses, designed by Korean company Stay Stay, come complete with a plush microfiber cushion and carpet scratcher.

Products for Cats: Elegant 'Frank' cat house with pillow and carpet scratcher | NONAGON.style
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What’s more, they’re environmentally friendly too, and made without any harmful glues or toxins. The only real question here is which color to opt for.

Cucuckoo Clock

If there’s one thing you should know about Rosly Mok of The9Life it’s this: she doesn’t create cat-friendly furniture, rather she creates furniture for people who share their home with cats.

Products for Cats: Scandinavian-inspired wooded Cucuckoo Clock | NONAGON.style
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The difference? Her designs actually look good – as in, they’re pieces I would probably want in my home regardless of whether I had a cat or not. Take this Cucuckoo Clock, designed to allow urban dwelling domestic cats to fulfill their nature of chasing birds, as a case in point.

Scratcher Vigo Gray

Cats love to scratch things; it’s a fact of nature. So why not indulge their instincts with a minimalist-inspired scratcher from My Knotty.

Products for Cats: Structural curved minimalist Vigo Scratcher in gray | NONAGON.style
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The lightweight structure is handmade out of corrugated cardboard, making it easy to move around with your cat. I especially like its interesting curved lines – perfect for adding some shape to your Scandinavian-inspired abode.

Four Fishies Cat Toys

Bringing together two kitty favorites, fish and catnip, these Four Fishies Cat Toys will have your cat fishing for fun in no time!

Products for Cats: Quirky cool Four Fishies Cat Toy filled with catnip | NONAGON.style
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This set of four stuffed fish are suitable for chewing, playing and partaking in a fun game of catch – basically all the good kitty pastimes.

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