Projet Dion: A Light-Filled Family Home Tour |
Inside a Light-Filled Family Home with Plenty of Windows

Inside a Light-Filled Family Home with Plenty of Windows

Windows are key for Projet Dion

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on January 21st 2019
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Projet Dion


Dominic Boudreau

If there’s a lesson to be learned from LEGUË Architecture Inc.‘s ‘Projet Dion’, it’s this: windows are key. Though it may be obvious, the gravity of obvious cannot be overlooked. And this Canadian family home, in all its sunlit glory, is the perfect example of that. Keep scrolling to see more.

Projet Dion: Exterior facade of a contemporary family home with mixed wood and stone textures |

First Light

The essence of the Dion residence is the impressive facade of windows, which bring an abundance of natural light pouring into the home and 360 degree views of the surrounding wilderness.

Exterior facade of Projet Dion |

Built with sustainability in mind, the insulated glazing surpasses energy standards, ensuring the home remains cozy all winter long.

Projet Dion: Light and bright living room with wood floor and stone fireplace |

Sticks and Stones

Inside, a mix of stone and timber textures set the stage for a contemporary aesthetic which references nature. Durable, yet visually warm, these materials are the perfect match for everyday family living.

Projet Dion: Warm and welcoming family-friendly living room with stone fireplace and wood flooring |
Projet Dion: Warm contemporary living room with a mix of wood and stone textures |
Projet Dion: Light-filled entryway with double-height ceiling and wood staircase |

The hallway is a particular highlight for us. We especially love those double-height ceilings, and of course, the windows. Together, they immediately grace this home with an easy airiness that most interior designers would kill for.

Projet Dion: Hallway with glass and wood staircase and double-height windows |

Also note how the clear glass banisters strategically allow for all that light to filter through. LEGUË Architecture Inc. weren’t kidding when they said the importance of natural light was the main ingredient of this design.

Projet Dion: Bright minimalist bedroom with an abundance of windows |

A Contemporary Aesthetic

The choice of furniture is simple yet functional. There’s an echo of minimalism throughout the home – decorative ornaments are few and far between. Instead, the beauty of nature serves as the Dion Residence’s answer to art and sculpture.

Projet Dion: Contemporary bathroom with white tiles and wood accents |
Projet Dion: Timeless nursery with walnut accents and red curtains |

Walnut tones and a splash of red offer a classic take on the children’s nursery. The aesthetic is timeless, allowing the room to grow with the kids as they get older without the need for drastic renovation.

Projet Dion: Family-friendly outdoor garden setup with swimming pool and patio |

What do you think of this warm and welcoming family home?


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