Perfect Pairs: Purple and Yellow Home Decor Inspo |
Perfect Pairs: Purple and Yellow Home Decor Inspo

Perfect Pairs: Purple and Yellow Home Decor Inspo

Purple and yellow combo makes an impact

Cissy Wang
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Cissy Wang
on April 19th 2019
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Purple and yellow are a match made in color pairing heaven as they are positioned opposite one another on the color wheel, making them complementary colors. This color match-up is inviting and dynamic, combining purple’s inherent elegance and mystery with yellow’s energy and zest to produce a high contrast while preserving harmony. Check out some of the examples below that are guaranteed to make your room pop.

Lavender & Mustard

Purple and Yellow Decor Ideas: Contemporary living room with lavender sofa and yellow cushions |
image source

As seen in this Santa Monica cottage, a dash of mustard mixed on a base of lavender makes for a tasty design combo. This duo is perfect for your soft furnishings especially as accents to a neutral base. For the final touch, add splashes of greenery to ensure a vibrant and lively finish.

Purple as Accent Fabrics

Purple and Yellow Decor Ideas: Contemporary living room in gray paint with purple accents |
image source

In this contemporary living room, pops of purple and yellow set against the neutral base breathe life into an otherwise bland setting. The interior that comes in muted tones with a balanced addition of purple creates an incredibly soothing and elegant aesthetic.

Vibrant Violet

Purple and Yellow Color Ideas: Vivid and funky living room with vibrant violet carpet and yellow drapes |
image source

The vibrant violet can be used throughout the room, not only on a patterned rug, cozy cushions, but check out the contemporary artwork in this room that fits perfectly with the decor. What’s more, the bold tone of the punchy yellow drapes plays up the luxe and stylish vibe when combined with violet.

Royal Purple vs. Artsy Yellow

Purple is always considered the color of royalty, power, and wealth in ancient times. Its elite state is due to the fact is that the hue is extremely costly to produce and only the rulers could afford it back in the day. It is also said that in the 16th century Queen Elizabeth I didnโ€™t permit anyone but close relatives of the royal family to wear purple.


In the photo above, the skull print depicts Queen Victoria in purple with a twist โ€” be sure to create a playful and quirky effect to your home. I like the juxtaposition, perking up the tabletop with a Frida Kahlo design storage tin. The imperial purple and the artsy yellow combo is perfect for those yearning for an opulent feel.

Purple in All Shades

Purple and Yellow Decor Ideas: Glamorous living room with patterned cushions and rug in all shades of purple, and yellow accents |
image source

This glamorous living room is saturated in all shades of purple along with hints of gold-yellow. Its outfitted with accent fabrics; the couch and cushions upholstered in floral patterns, and the vintage rugs with mesmerizing prints. Purple variants and invigorating yellow fuse effortlessly with vintage furniture and elegant wooden surfaces creating a sense of sophistication.

Sunshine with a Hint of Sass

Purple and Yellow Decor Ideas: Space with yellow paneled walls and purple design details |
image source

What I adore the most about this handsome pairing of bright yellow and dark purple is its retro style, that’s still modern with juicy hues. Sometimes all you need is a splash of effervescent yellow to liven up the living space, whilst the eggplant drapes create a sense of sophistication for this monochrome setting.

Color Statements Pieces

Purple and Yellow Decor Ideas: Contemporary dining room with white background and pops of purple and yellow |
image source

Statement piecesย in lovely purples and yellows are an easy and effective way to make for a cheerful living space. Also, see how to introduce splashes of yellow and purple in the wall, uplifting from minimalist to a chic statement wall without painting.

A Retro Vibe

Capture elegance using a purple and bronze color palette to give your home a retro vibe. Opt for purple furniture pieces and wall paint. The golden sheens of metal accents add a warm ambience and inject a timeless vintage appeal, which blends perfectly with various shades of purple galore.

What are your favorite classic color combinations?


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