These Purple Rose Interiors Will Enchant You |
These Purple Rose Interiors Will Enchant You

These Purple Rose Interiors Will Enchant You

Consider us enchanted.

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on June 29th 2017
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In flower form, purple roses stand for enchantment, whereupon the giver of the flower seeks to convey that they have fallen in love at first sight with the recipient. It is fitting, then, that we have tumbled head over heels for this selection of purple rose infused rooms.


What we love about this selection of interiors is that they show how the hue can go far beyond its association with twee wisteria and lavender. In fact, when done right, purple rose can be used to create a number of different moods within different modern design aesthetics.

Scandinavian Chic

For a Scandinavian take on purple rose, this room, designed by Mette Helena, turns to white and pine. The result is a hygge-esque space that feels modern and homey at the same time. As a feature wall color, purple rose is just bold enough to stand out against an alabaster backdrop, yet not too bold as to upset those minimalists. We also love the angular shapes of the shelving and cushions – it’s the perfect way to ensure purple rose stays firmly in the 21st century.

Scandinavian style living room with purple rose feature wall and angular shelving |
image source

Get the Look

We think this sofa by Greek design studio Dede would be the perfect addition to a contemporary living space. What’s more, it even doubles as a table, allowing you to embrace the freedom of flex living.

Purple rose and wood sofa in the Scandinavian design style |

Industrial Cool

The last place we were expecting to see purple rose hiding was in a sleek modern loft apartment. In an otherwise monochrome setting though, the shade works well to add a whimsical note to the space. Take note of the complementary industrial metal accents in this room if you want to incorporate an edgier purple rose to your design aesthetic.

Industrial open-plan loft living area with purple rose accents |
image source

Get the Look

To keep your purple rose interior looking sleek and cool, combine the saccharine hue with simple shapes and utilitarian materials. This Tolix chair, for instance, is ideal. The raw varnished finish helps to give the pastel shade an industrial feel.

Purple rose industrial Tolix chair |

70’s Revival

Purple reigns in this statement bathroom. The bold geometric lines and shiny chrome fixtures show how 70’s revival in interior design should be done. To modernize the space, varying shades of lavender and lilac are layered in a way that creates depth and interest. The touches of white offer the eye a refreshing palette cleanser.

70's inspired purple rose bathroom with geometric and chrome accents |
image source

Get the look

A purple-themed bathroom is not for the faint of heart. For a more accessible way to incorporate the shade we recommend to start small so that you can determine whether it’s right for you and your aesthetic. Begin with soft furnishings and towels, and then gradually build up to the striking statement room featured above.

Fluffy purple rose bath towels |
image source

A Touch of Amethyst

Say hello to purple rose’s richer, jewel-toned sister. Set against a gorgeous peacock wallpaper and intricate gold furnishings, this entryway in an Indian-inspired, Douglas-Graneto designed penthouse shows that purple can be a complementary addition to a design aesthetic – it doesn’t have to dominate.

Peacock wallpaper and purple rose lamp shades in an Indian-inspire Manhattan penthouse |
image source

Get the Look

The easiest way to incorporate purple into your own interior aesthetic is through subtle design accents. As above, start small! This quirky candle lantern, for instance, is an excellent non-committal way to try out the shade in an outdoor space. Pair with beaded cushions and cashmere throws to create an Indian summer vibe in your own backyard.

Purple rose lantern candle holder |

Rustic Charm

How about using purple rose to add some rustic charm to your home? We love how the island in this Alison Kandler designed kitchen adds an unexpected pop of color to the room, giving the space a visual richness that is echoed in the flowers. The result is a delightfully classic country kitchen with an eclectic twist.

Rustic country kitchen with purple rose cabinet |

Get the Look

Although you could paint your kitchen cabinets, we also like the idea of styling our own mason jars with purple rose paint. Use as a vase and fill with pretty blooms in a matching lavender or violet shade. Alternatively, bestow these jars a more practical function as a utensil holder.

DIY purple rose mason jars |

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