Readers' Choice: Most Popular Designer Interviews of 2017 |
Readers’ Choice: Most Popular Designer Interviews of 2017

Readers’ Choice: Most Popular Designer Interviews of 2017

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on December 30th 2017
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While we love touring stunning homes and coming up with easy guides to decorating your home, there’s nothing like getting up close and personal with a designer, and understanding their journey and inspirations. This year, we were lucky enough to speak to amazing designers each with their own unique design philosophy. Whether you’re aspiring to be a furniture designer, dreaming of owning a decor store, or just enjoy making DIY projects, you’ll want to hear what these designers have to say. Read on for this year’s most popular designer interviews.

Broached Monsters chair | Interview with Trent Jansen on
Image courtesy Dan Hocking

If you were constantly checking under your bed for monsters as a kid, you’ll understand why Trent Jansen was inspired to create a curious collection of furniture inspired by Australian mythology. Taking the form of armchairs, wardrobes and cabinets, these designs represent aboriginal creatures using different textures and shapes. Get to know all about Trent Jansen’s quirky collection here.

The Bellaphone speaker collection by Jordan Waraksa |

Vintage lovers and music enthusiasts will rejoice at Jordan Waraksa’s Bellaphone, a collection of unique looking speakers reminiscent of phonographs from way back. And it’s not just the shape that makes these speakers intriguing, it’s also the fact that they’re made from fumed oak tequila barrels. Read all about the story of Bellaphone here.

Humberto da Mata with his collection of woven Cloud Chairs |

Sao Paulo based furniture designer, Humberto da Mata, is known for creating one of a kind pieces using various shapes and common household items. One of his first designs included a glove stool, which caught the eye of industry professionals during Salon 2012 in Milan. Just recently, he was able to create tactile furniture pieces that make bold statements, using a combination of color and texture. Read on to learn all about his story.

Patterned cushion covers in the bedroom |

Dila Bayramov, an interior designer and the owner of Etsy store Delirium Decor gives us a treat by showing us how she styles her Bohemian home using her own creations, as well as meaningful pieces that were given to her by her friends and family. It’s a home with a truly personal touch, and we’re thrilled to be able to take an exclusive look at one of the most charming spaces yet. Read the story here.


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