Be Bold, Be Cool: Red Accent Decor Inspiration |
Be Bold, Be Cool: Paint It Red!

Be Bold, Be Cool: Paint It Red!

Introducing a study in red

Written by –
Iris Pun
on August 6th 2018
Iris is a creative and energetic university student based in Hong Kong. An art and design lover, she likes discovering inspiring and pretty decorations, innovative architecture and artistic illustrations, especially when they come with elements of nature!

What comes to your mind when you think red? Apple, roses, lips? Red is not a timid wallflower; the striking hue has long been associated with passion and fiery energy. But have you ever considered decorating with red at home?


As one of the three basic primary colors, red isn’t the easiest shade to pull off at home. It is, however, perfect for those wanting to make a statement. Interested in learning more? Well luckily for you, our latest Color Series installment is focused on all things red. Keep scrolling for more!

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Modern contemporary dining room with statement red lighting and wood accents |
image source

Decorating with Red Accents

Dip your toe into the trend with red accent decor! The strong bold hue is great for making a visual splash in your home.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Modern contemporary dining room with wood panel wall, statement red lighting and white cabinets |
image source

Red is one of those shades that makes a strong impression at first sight. In this contemporary dining room with clean white cupboards and natural wooden floor, the red lampshade makes its mark, embellishing the whole room with vibrant joy. Against the neutral minimalist tones of this space, the red really pops!

Red Accent Decor: A minimal living room in white with wooden floor and dusty brick red sofa |
image source

Of course, there are many different kinds of red. My favorite has to this dusty brick red. It may not be as bright as your rubies or candy apples, but it sure makes a statement in this little white corner.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Bright, modern, mid-century modern-inspired kitchen with red and blue countertops |
image source

Level up a contemporary and modern kitchen with a splash of red. The mix of red and wood here offers a fun mid-century modern vibe. It’s both unexpected and stylish.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Bright boho bedroom with vintage red rug |
image source

How about some red in the bedroom? It’s important to note that in color psychology, red is associated with making people overly emotional. As such, in a place of rest, red should not be used excessively. A beautiful vintage rug or a soft red-toned throw will do nicely.

Mixing and Matching

So you’re fully on board the red train and can’t wait to integrate the shade into your home? Great! Now let’s see how to match red with other colors.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Minimalist white office with red accents and pink wall |
image source


I’m so jealous of the people who get to work in this office! It’s clean, cozy and calm, with all the style coming from those shades of red. Matching red with light colors is the easiest way to work this hue into your aesthetic. My favorite part of this office is the pink wall, which works to add balance to the red and white.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Bathroom with pink tiled wall, red accents and round mirror |
image source


Pink and red are the ultimate cool girl duo – and a small bathroom is the ideal place to play around with this combo. Here, pink works to ground the mix of garnet and scarlet reds.

Red Accent Decor: Saccharine pink dining room with red leather chairs on a patterned white rug |
image source

Meanwhile in this dining room, carefully chosen neutrals ensures that this color combination remains classically elegant. I love how the white patterned rug and the gold trimmed table work together to counterbalance the intensity of the red vinyl chairs.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Modern rustic dining room with vibrant bright blue chairs and red feature wall |
image source
Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Bright white dining room with red wooden floor and mismatched dining chairs |
image source


Bored with monochrome? Try matching red with bright colors to bring a vibrant and fresh look to your space. Think bright cerulean blue, or warm sunshine yellow. Pop art lovers in particular are sure to love this look.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Japanese style red and green living room with plants and white hanging lamps |
image source


Green might not be the first color that comes to mind when searching for vibrant red’s partner in crime, but here’s why it should. Isn’t this mix of soft pastel green and bold red just so soothing to the eye? I like how this space also offers a slight nod to contemporary Japanese style.

Red Accent Decor Inspiration: Red wood standing desk and greenery accents |
image source

Another way to incorporate green into a red aesthetic is through our favorite greenery! Be careful not to go overboard here though – a ‘less is more’ philosophy is key to balancing these two hues.

What do you think of incorporating red in your home? Let us know in the comments below!


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