Render of the Week: White Kitchen Fuses Modernity and Rustic Charm
Serene White Kitchen Fuses Modernity and Rustic Charm

Serene White Kitchen Fuses Modernity and Rustic Charm

Cozy and clean kitchen inspiration

Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on March 22nd 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

Stuck between the choice of a dreamy rustic kitchen and a contemporary, minimal one? Why not blend both? We take cues from‘s render of the week – a white open plan kitchen that melts the best of both worlds with a cozy rustic dining area and a sleek modern kitchen. Let’s take a closer look.

Step out of your comfort zone by adapting two styles in one space

Open plan spaces are great for experimentation, and there are no strict rules against combining two interior styles.

3D Render of the Week: White kitchen |

If you’re blessed with an open plan kitchen and dining area with a spacious layout, you can divvy up the space with different interior styles. This kitchen is a great example, with its wooden dining set and white kitchen island. The entire room features solid white walls, with plenty of opportunities to add texture and color. For instance, the bright green, white and red fridge makes a bold statement compared to the rest of the space, with the geometric dining area rug coming in close second. Finally, indoor plants give the dining area an intimate vibe perfect for family meals, compared to the minimal and clutter-free kitchen space.

Did you enjoy our render of the week? Head on over to to see more amazing work. There’s plenty of inspiration for your next home design project.


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