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Render of the Week: Rustic Modern Living Room Blurs Aesthetics

Render of the Week: Rustic Modern Living Room Blurs Aesthetics

Our render of the week mixes bare walls with fuzzy textiles

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on June 14th 2018
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Has rustic modern become a cliched term? Shabby chic and a blurred aesthetic between rough materials and polished pieces offer that middle ground between the great outdoors and refined city living. Primarily, the materials we get to see a lot of are raw woods, stone, and brick, drawing attention to the natural look of the space. Check out this render of the week from's render of the week showcasing rustic modern |

Barely there paint clings to the brick wall to offer an intriguing but easy backdrop. Where you can see the wood plank flooring, you will see that it is also simplistic and does not compete with the other natural elements.


The second attribute of the modern rustic design is the use of simple natural fabrics in earthy tones. Modern furniture sticks to light browns, grays and natural colors. There is a bit of a mid-century modernism to the furnishings; wood is definitively accented.


Tying the Room Together

Contributing to the size perception is the large rug (as a rule of thumb using a large rug in a space makes it appear larger, as it does in this example). It is cunningly added to the room to tie the look together, as the furnishings and designs do not draw the person’s attention to the floor, but rather focuses on the seating and the wall space.


Rustic Modern Blends Less with More

Cabins in the woods are not known for gilded decor, but perhaps their stag heads and trinkets collected from nature walks. Hitting the nail on the target, a ceramic style stag hangs in the centerpiece and the artwork depicts natural themes.

What can we take away from this design?

Budding interior designers looking for inspiration can use this picture as an idea for the rustic modern look. The design clearly shows how both furnishings as well as the existing structures can play together to create a usable and pleasant space. Additionally, this image shows how you can use modern furniture and fashion alongside traditional layout and design to create a space that is both functional as well as artistic. Finally, this room shows that there does not have to be an excessive amount of coloring and accent pieces. It emphasizes that the best spaces are those which are carefully planned and executed.


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