Reveal The Authenticity of Your Home With Placemaking |
Reveal The Authenticity of Your Home With Placemaking

Reveal The Authenticity of Your Home With Placemaking

Tips to find and instill authenticity in home decor

Lilly Miller
Written by –
Lilly Miller
on August 7th 2019
Lilly Miller is a Sydney-based graphic designer and a passionate writer. Loves everything about home decor, art history, and baking. Shares home with two loving dogs and a gecko named Rodney.

“Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws his own portrait.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

Placemaking is usually connected to public spaces and various communities, such as parks, walking areas and neighborhoods. But, did you know that you can implement the concept of placemaking to the interior design as well? When it comes to interior design, placemaking refers to finding and instilling authenticity that one’s home inevitably possesses.


Here are the most important things you should know before you start with placemaking at your home.

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Get to Know Your Space

Learning about your space is the first step towards making it interesting and authentic. Before you decide to spend money on restorations and furnishings, make sure to understand your place to the core. Try to figure out what can or cannot work. If your home was designed to be modern and minimalist, chances are that adding some vintage or Bohemian elements wouldn’t do it justice. If you want to infuse your home with a certain identity, first you make sure that identity you choose is the right one. For example, having a nautical decor in a small studio flat in a high-rise building won’t have the same aesthetic value as if it were added to a charming beach house.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture

Make Sure That Everything Works Together

If you feel like adding more than one identity to your home, make sure that it’s all well-planned and works as an entity. Having a minimalist sleek bathroom and a cozy, shabby chic living room can look good in one home, but only if there’s something that makes them look connected. If your whole house is in one style, and you prefer one room to be different (let’s say, a bathroom), then you can add floors or wall paint that is the same as in other rooms. These details can be anything you like: colours, light fixtures, window frames or curtains. It’s important to learn how to mix various styles without them looking messy and disorganized.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture

Know the Function of the Space

First, your space needs to look functional and accessible. Having a luxurious kitchen won’t work if you use it a lot and create a lot of mess. The intended function is crucial when it comes to placemaking. Having a theme can make the place look good, but without knowing the function of the place, you risk making it look superficial and badly put. Before you start decorating or renovating, take some time to think about your plans for the room. Do you plan on spending a lot of time there? How does it make you feel? Do you plan on having guests? What kind of activities are you going to have? All of these are worth figuring out as once you determine them, you can start executing your ideas in the right way.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture

Find an Identity or at Least a Theme

Unfortunately, many people just go into a furniture store and buy the first thing that they like. Alternatively, they can order furnishings online, without even checking whether they’re going to fit properly. Before you decide to enrich the space with different details, try to decide on the theme.


Be aware, it’s important to learn the difference between a theme and a style. If you didn’t know, a style is an overall idea or an influence that can connect various themes together. Therefore, you can have a nautical theme in one room and a rural style with solid timber barn doors in another that can also lead to the balcony or a big open terrace or a porch. Farmhouse decor is popular all over the world, especially in places like Australia, where farming culture is still important and considered a part of a unique experience for locals and backpackers alike.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture

Add Some Personal Elements

Placemaking is all about showcasing a true identity and uniqueness of the place, therefore you can add special elements that can reflect your personality. If you like movies, framing your favorite movie posters can be an elegant decorative solution for your home. Your quirks can be part of home decor as much as anything else that you see in the furniture store, only if you do it right. Also, if the place has a history that means to you, feel free to incorporate that. For example, if one of the rooms in your home used to your grandmother’s teenage bedroom, you can add her photos or decoration pieces for that era. That will enhance the natural beauty of the place and infuse with the standout atmosphere.


Finally, choosing the right style, or the theme for your home can definitely make it seem more authentic and special, but it’s important to keep the fine line between extraordinary and kitschy. If you feel like you have too many ideas that need sorting out, hire a professional interior designer or ask someone knowledgeable to assist you. After all, placemaking is all about helping each other while sharing the space and making it beautiful at the same time.

interior design home decor inspiration architecture lifestyle furniture

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