This Sophisticated Apartment is a Perfect Modern Home |
This Sophisticated Apartment in Belsize Park is the Perfect Modern Home

This Sophisticated Apartment in Belsize Park is the Perfect Modern Home

Industrial yet elegant

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on January 9th 2017
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Belsize Park


High ceilings and curved walls, elaborate cornice detailing, and fabulously enormous windows; these are some of the stunning features in this sophisticated apartment situated in London. The owners wanted to create a space especially for entertaining and thus decided to give the home a total makeover. The resulting interior boasts metal finishes, stone textures, and a riveting monochromatic color palette that evokes luxury and high design.

Skull sculpture from travels on wooden table with abstract art in hallway of a London sophisticated apartment |

Along the corridor, you can already get a sense of the owners’ international heritage. They’re a young entrepreneurial couple who spend a lot of time traveling and living in different places. For their first home together, they were excited to create a space that combined their interests in travel. They desired a design that strayed close to the warm industrial look. At the same time, they hoped to mostly use natural materials.

Artistic kitchen and dining room with fireplace and window in a sophisticated apartment |

The kitchen and dining room open up to a sophisticated and clean look. The interior features plenty of contrast between the white walls and the deep colors of the kitchen cabinets and accent wall. While the dark wall could be overwhelming in other spaces, the statement mirror breaks things up. The marble mantelpiece and working fireplace also work as eye-catching statements in the room.

Marble mantlepiece and art collection in elegant dining room of a sophisticated apartment |

Previously a reception room, the space was renovated into an open-plan kitchen and dining room. With the plethora of seating, in addition to the welcoming art collection, we can see how this room could quite easily become a central pivot point of the apartment.

Luxurious marble table with comfy chair and sofa in an elegant and sophisticated apartment |
Striking black and white stripes of round area with marble pattern in a sophisticated apartment |

This round area is undoubtedly one of our favorite parts of the room. Striking, with black and white stripes paired against the softer marble pattern: it’s a great look!

Hanging lighting fixture with metallic gold elements of a sophisticated apartment |

The designer included plenty of lighting elements with dimmable switches in the refurbishment. It made the room open to different moods and functions.

Sophisticated apartment with black finish decorated with large chandelier and breakfast bar |

Having such a high ceiling meant that the room is well suited for a large chandelier. The bronze framed Array pendant by CTO Lighting is a great choice because it can be angled over different elements of the kitchen island and breakfast bar. What’s more, its gold inner lining and cotton shades emits a beautiful warm glow.

Marble styled bathroom with shower and faucet unit by Roselind Wilson for a contemporary and sophisticated apartment look |
Sophisticated apartment featuring vintage bathroom with bathtub and bronze faucet |

When designing the apartment, Roseline Wilson gave a lot of attention to the metal finishes, not only in the kitchen but the bathroom too, to complement different styles.

The owners specified a careful mix of antiqued and vintage brass, as well as dark bronze. Where the exact finish could not be achieved in the piece, such as in the towel rail, it was made bespoke to achieve the exact specification.

Bronze and luxurious faucet of a sophisticated apartment |
Dark interior of sophisticated apartment with wood and marble elements |

Overall, the home owners were thrilled with their new home. A sophisticated apartment where they can invite friends and embrace modern architecture – it’s the perfect setting for their new life together.


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