How do you find zen? Ruetemple design studio have an interesting solution in this Moscow living room |
Ruetemple Creates Meditation Cube In Moscow Living Room

Ruetemple Creates Meditation Cube In Moscow Living Room

Find your chill out zone wherever you are in the room

Isobel McKenzie
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Isobel McKenzie
on August 28th 2017
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Living Space


Russian design studio Ruetemple created the Living Space cube design for a multi-functional living room. It balances minimal interiors with also being a multi-use space, thanks to its unique set of furniture that can be stowed away under the central cube.


Ruetemple create Living Space featuring a Cube |

Broadcasting company NTV launched its reality show “Cottage Solution”. They select homes to renovate, with the help of interior designers.


One of the rules is that homeowners cannot see the project before completion! This unique idea means homeowners can talk about what they like, but not interfere with the design during the process. Leaving it up to the designers to play around and implement their ideas without restriction creates compelling and engaging outcomes.

Tall cube suspended from the ceiling creates living zones |

The idea behind this cube design is to create a space where you can either retire and get away from it all, or conversely, enjoy the company of others. Moreover, using hideaway furniture allows the user a serene sense of minimal calm, absolutely clear of unnecessary items.

Living tree inside a cube, creating meditation zone in Moscow apartment |

A white cube divides the living space into five zones; one of course being the relaxation area inside the cube. It contains a live tree and pebbles, to sit back and relax, meditate, and withdraw from the day to day. The cube is illuminated thanks to the skylight in the above roof window.

Skylights and plenty of windows illuminate Moscow living room |
Indoor patio idea? Suspended cube contains live tree |

With attention to outside of the cube, there is a bar table area along the big window. It’s a place for active pastimes and gives the homeowners space to eat, work, and write.


Moscow apartment creates living zones separated by suspended cube |

Thanks to the module furniture pieces stashed under the cube, you can adapt the space easily to different needs. The high open beams and skylights ensure that despite the unusual shape, it is well lit.


Long bar table area along the window |
Modular furniture can be arranged in several ways |
Modular furniture can be arranged in several ways and stored under suspended cube |

The side of the cube furthest from the window has a television, which isolates the television activity for when it will be used, instead of having all furniture pointing at the TV.


Cozy TV corner with pull out sofa |
Suspended cube creates living room zones |

The cube is striking in that it suspends from the ceiling, like an oasis in the centre of the space.


Furniture stored away under suspended cube, creates living zones |

The clean and contemporary white living space uses plenty of ingenious storage solutions. It’s always fun to see what the designers will imagine, unencumbered by restrictions.


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