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Top Picks: Tableware for Your Pancake Brunch

Top Picks: Tableware for Your Pancake Brunch

Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner please

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on March 1st 2019
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Whether small, fat and fluffy, or wide, flat and thin, pancakes are a favorite dish for families around the world. While some places are gearing up to celebrate Pancake Day and others are working out the best ratio between flour and baking powder, over here at we’ve been thinking about the dinnerware! How will you choose to showcase your winning pancakes? Check out some of these tableware ideas for great pancake presentation.

Party Platter

The Speckled Patter Platter ceramic plate by Josephine Heilpern of Recreation Center shop |
image source

Pushing the movement for unique ceramics and quirky Saved By The Bell-era graphics, Brooklyn-based Josephine Heilpern from Recreation Center creates these Party Platters that are perfect for dishing out pancakes to your breakfast guests. It’s pancake day with a pop!

The Boys in Blue

Savory pancakes on blue-gray ceramic plates with Mrs Jones Kitchen |
Savory pumpkin pancakes by Mrs Jones Kitchen

When thinking of how to plate your pancakes, we like to see the pairing of yellow-brown hues against the azure cleanness of ceramic blues and grays. For a selection of ocean tones, see what Tamara B Pottery is getting up to, stocking up your everyday collection with pretty pottery.

Rated or Slated?

Phendai black plates made in Cambodia, from Design Hunter |
Black plates from Design Hunter

Plates or slates? The trend for serving food on roof slates and wooden chopping boards caused a global backlash, with the rising #WeWantPlates community railing for the end to french fries in mini-buckets and breadsticks in jam jars. While you may not want to serve your pancakes on a blackboard, there is something chic and neat about seeing the speckle of dusted icing sugar show up in a contrast, and of course it goes so well with pancakes. Consider black tableware from Phendai instead and leave the roof slate for rain-proofing the house.

Bunny Bites & Babies

We Might Be Tiny bunny dinnerware for little ones |
Bunny dishware from We Might Be Tiny

Little ones like pancakes too! For nibbley bite-size pancakes, these bunny snacky bowls from We Might Be Tiny make adorable Easter-themed serving dishes for those four and under, as well as those who really like Miffy.

With Lashings of Syrup

Fluffy pancake recipe by Cradle Kitchen, with lots of syrup, served on glass plates |
Pancakes by Cradle Kitchen

You like your pancakes with oodlings of maple syrup? With its glossy clear look, why not pick glassware plates for pancake serving? Looking vintage and cute or sleek and modern, glassware works well for plating, showing that all dishes can look like a culinary masterpiece.

How do you serve your pancakes? When you upload your next pancake pic to Instagram make sure to tag us and let us see!


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