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No.30 Axis Ashtray


AXIS Ashtray

This simple geometry pays homage to classic design typologies. The upper bowl is made of stainless steel, while the rough, cast-iron-like body demonstrates a different quality of zinc alloy. With the slightest touch, the bowl can rotate, depositing the ash into the container below. The ash concealed by the lid as it resumes its original position. Using these simple principles of gravity and balance, a light touch cleans the tray and everything returns quietly as it was.

Produced by No.30
Material: Zinc alloy, Stainless steel
Size: Ø84mm L110mm H60mm
Weight: 600g
Country of origin: Taiwan

This product was showcased at Maison and Objet 2018 as part of No.30 Cheerful Working Collection.

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