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Biophilia by MUS ‘Harmony in Life’ Vase


The small vase holds little flowers inside but spreads a strong and soothing scent. It reflects having the ability to handle life’s different areas, which is not always easy. It is also a reminder to make sure that we are being true to ourselves and have found stable ground in our lives we where won't feel too much pressure.

Material: Taiwan Cypress
Size: H8 W13 cm

Handmade in Taiwan (^See additional info.)
Biophilia by MUS 木

It mainly grows in the mountains of central and northern Taiwan and usually close to mountain ridge. It is a slow-growing tree, and the wood is strongly scented, with a beautiful tree ring pattern and color. It is the favorite wood among locals.

^This product is handmade, and so each one cannot be 100% identical. There may be variations in the final product from the picture. Please note prices do not include VAT and any tax charges. Kindly see Shipping & Returns for more information.

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