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With the sensitivity of lamp, it aimed to fully deliver the
looks of endangered animals in polar regions.
It has been designed to put various lampshades on the
LED base just like ornaments.
It is an eco-friendly lamp with consistent story and
materials like low-power LED(DC 5V),
recycled plastic lampshade, and usability.

Dimensions(mm): Polar Bear W310 x D178 x H242, Emperor Penguin W255 x D178 x H360, Blonde Fur Seal W255 x D178 x H287, White Fox H255 x D178 x H172, Snowy Owl W255 x D178 x H315
Material: PP, wood, steel
Cable: Micro 5-pin USB cable 1m

LED Base: DC 5V, 700mA / 3.5W
LED Adapter: AC100V~220V, DC 5V/ 1,000mA
Connect: USB adaptor or PC
Light: 3 level touch switch

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