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ilsangisang SOULeaf wallart



Plant leaves photosynthesize with the use of light,
and this natural action has been visualized.
Using the environment-friendly paper recycling
green tea, seaweed, and brewer's grains, the texture of
leaves was elaborately expressed.
The luminous pigment was used for expressing leaf veins elaborately.
The animal silhouette shown when the lamp is on,
and the leaf veins shown at night when the lamp is off,
represent the nature-friendly and fantastic mood
just like photosynthesis.

Size: 370 x 520 mm
Material: Recycled paper
ELM_ Green tea: 1% / Elemental Chlorine-free pulp(ECF): 99%
Ginkgo_ Seaweed: 15% / FSC-certified pulp: 50%~ / ECF: 35%~
Platanus_ Recycling of beer labels: 40~45% / Beer wastes: 5~10% / ECF: 40~60%

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