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ETNA is a collection of large candle holders, ideal to give any environment a splash of light and colour. Its simple and clean lines come from a conical shape made of solid pine wood. At the top are curves which evoke lava flows gliding down the slope of a volcano. This colour highlights the natural shades in the wood thanks to its translucency. This collection allows for the creation a great variety of arrangements, as it is available in three different sizes and in a six colour palette.

Made of solid pine with a touch of color

Tealights or candles up to Ø 60mm / 2.3’’

Glass cup protector between candle and wood

Matte finish

Clean with damp cloth

Product dimension: 

M ø 12 x 80H cm / ø 4.7’’ x 31.5’’H

L Ø 13 x 95 cm/ ø 5.1’’ x 37.4’’H

XL Ø 14 x 115 cm/ ø 5.5’’ x 45.3’’H

M 3.3 Kg / 7.3 lbs

L 4.2 Kg / 9.3 lbs

XL 5.7 Kg / 12.6 lbs

Packing dimension:

ET-M 3.5 Kg / 7.5 lbs
ø 12 x 82H cm / ø 4.7’’ x 32’’H

ET-L 4.5 Kg / 10 lbs
ø 15 x 97H cm / ø 6’’ x 38.2’’H

ET-XL 6 Kg / 13.3 lbs
ø 15 x 120H cm / ø 6’’ x 47’’H

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