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Woodendot PELICAN Shelf



Close your eyes and imagine a flock of pelicans in flight over the ocean, capable of fishing with their big bag who have on the bottom of its long beak. Inspired by this bird we present Pelican.

Pelican, handmade versatile wall organizer that adapts to every environment and allows us to store or hang our everyday objects.

Wood structure acts as a container and metal sheet acts as a wall hanger, with two/ three hidden hooks (depend on the size). Available in 3 sizes and 5 different finishes.

Plywood and lacquered steel
Hidden hooks (S,M x2)(L x3)
Matte finish
Clean with damp cloth
Easily assembled
Load capacity: 30kg pr. shelf

Product Dimension: 

S 0.7kg/ 1.5 lbs  32 x 15 x 10H cm / 12.6’’ x 6’ x 4’’H

M 0.8kg/ 1.9 lbs 44 x 15 x 10H cm / 17.3" x 6" x 4"H

L 1.1kg/ 2.5 lbs 56 x 15 x 10H cm / 22" x 6" x 4"H

Product Packing Dimension:

S 1.2 Kg / 2.7 lbs
31 x 23 x 13H cm / 12.2’’ x 9’’ x 5’’

M 1.4 Kg / 3 lbs
44 x 24 x 13H cm / 17.3’’ x 9.4’’ x 5’’H

L 1.6 Kg / 3.5 lbs
57 x 25 x 13H cm / 22.5’’ x 9.8’’ x 5’’H

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