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6 Easy DIY Shelves You Should Make for Extra Storage Space

6 Easy DIY Shelves You Should Make for Extra Storage Space

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Written by –
Vanessa Louie
on March 3rd 2018
Hygge is home for Vanessa. If you're wondering how she likes to keep her house, think tidy and uncluttered. She even has a personal Pinterest board featuring only white colored homes, appealing to her minimal design aesthetic.

If you’re itching to start your own DIY project, creating additional storage space is a great way to start. With only some bits and pieces of wood and sturdy joining materials, you can easily turn those drab walls into stylish spaces that showcase your favorite home decor. No need to scour the web because we’ve got you covered with six simple DIY shelves you can easily make.

Geometric Shelves

The best way to display your favorite books and charming succulents? Let them shine on playful geometric shelves.

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Geometric shelves aren’t just space-savers – they make great wall decor too. While you still have to determine the appropriate measurements before installation, geometric shelves give you more flexibility when it comes to their placement on the wall. Thanks to their varying shapes, you can place them diagonally, or create a nice vignette like this DIY shelf by I Spy DIY.

Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are a minimalist’s best friend when it comes to maximizing limited wall spaces.

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The beauty of hanging wall shelves is that they require very few materials to make. Whether you want to get creative with rope or play around with macrame knots, a hanging shelf made out of natural wood panels can give your walls a chic accent when decorated with an art piece, vintage items and fresh plants. DIY enthusiast Caroline, from Burkatron, shows us how to use sturdy leather straps and wall hooks to make a scandi-style hanging shelf.

Wooden Crate Shelves

There’s nothing new about upcycling, but this stylish DIY is perfect for an easy bathroom or kitchen refresh without breaking the bank.

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You can find wooden crates almost anywhere, and chances are, you have plenty lying around your storage rooms right after holiday shopping. While they work well on their own as all-purpose trays and drawers, you can stack them together to form a bookcase or shelf. Just slather on your favorite paint color, let it dry and voila! You have an insta-worthy shelf filled with your favorite bathroom or kitchen essentials. Check out the tutorial by The Beauty Dojo.

Floating Open Shelves

Here’s the perfect DIY shelf for the queen of organization.

DIY Open Shelving by Bang on Style Blog | NONAGON.style
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Who doesn’t like keeping their space spotless and organized? Open shelves are one of this season’s most popular trends and it’s easy to see why. They’re sleek, minimal, and look picture perfect wherever you put them. If you’re still short on space in the kitchen or the bathroom, I recommend installing your own open shelves to give your space a personal touch. For a low cost alternative to buying a set of open shelves, Bang on Style has a simple guide to making your own. But pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of open-shelving with this informative guide.

Industrial Pipe shelves

You can add a little texture to your shelving systems by mixing up various materials. Aside from minimal wooden shelves, industrial pipe shelves are recently making a name for themselves.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving by Cherished Bliss | NONAGON.style
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Farmhouse-style homes benefit from the laidback look of distressed wood and exposed metal, and they’re not exclusive to big furniture or kitchen countertops. Bring in farmhouse chic to the bathroom by upgrading your shelves with industrial pipes for added character. And while industrial-style shelving systems might be a little out of your budget, this DIY by Cherished Bliss is easy on the pocket.

Wooden Pegboard Shelves

Modern living is all about convenience which makes modular furnishings everyday essentials.

DIY Wooden Pegboard Shelf by Vintage Revivals | NONAGON.style
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Be it your home office or living room, having room to keep your home office supplies and letters is top priority. With pegboard shelves, you can easily shift them around to accommodate tall planters and books. Talk about finding a bibliophile’s dream shelf. Here’s a brilliant DIY by Vintage Revivals.

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