Sliding Doors Make Family Home Lighter and Brighter |
Sliding Doors and Disappearing Corridors

Sliding Doors and Disappearing Corridors

Splicing the space between public and private

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on September 28th 2018
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Disappearing Corridor


Hidden away from Hong Kong island’s busy lifestyle, this family of four found their ideal home in the Tai Tam peninsula. Surrounded by ocean views, the apartment has undergone a renovation project that makes way for more light and more space thanks to sliding doors. With a calming color palette, and soften rounded edges, the home is the perfect place to find relaxation and set the stage for family life.

Rounded edges on bookshelf make it appear floating |

Untouched since the the early 90s, this 138 square meter (1,485 sq ft) apartment featured a long corridor with all the bedrooms shut off. But the new corridor features sliding doors, making it much sleeker, more chic and offering more ocean views.

Front entrance with comfy seat and quirky hooks |

At the entrance foyer, we’re greeted with an excellent cubby space. There is plenty of storage for the family – with cleverly concealed hooks looking like part of the decor. A hidden coat cabinet and a neat space for shoes are all useful features. We do like the comfortable seat too, giving you the perfect place to pause for thought and contemplation on your way in.

Open plan living room with floating bookshelf |

You know that feeling when you walk into a spa and it feels calm; the environment is relaxed and you are immediately at ease? Well it’s like that here too. Check out the chill vibes in this central room.


The powder blue sofa feels light and delicate, another great spot for down time! It’s also just in the right spot for looking over the ocean. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all open plan, making it one big family room. There are cleverly concealed storage spaces for different appliances, books, and household items too.



Living room apartment with cool color palette and light blue sofa |

Giving the appearance of floating, the bookshelf is a large feature area that will surely fill up over time. With rounded edges and soft features, it feels relaxing and calming.

Disappearing Corridors |
Girl plays peekaboo through window partition in family apartment |

The apartment was designed with children in mind, so exploration of space was integral to the build. A study corner can be carefully partitioned with curtains, bedrooms feature large wooden sliding doors with quirky handles, and wall niches make for perfect hiding spots around the apartment.

Young girl plays in corridor with sliding doors |
Playful nooks encourage children to engage in the space |
Bedroom with relaxing and cool toned color palette |

Light is welcomed, and sea views are honored with the range of windows, glass partitions and mirrors all used to reflect light around the room. No more dark corridors!

Round mirrors reflect light at vanity table |

We like these mirrors, and they emphasize a feeling of softness seen from the range of textures from warm wood, fabrics that feel cozy to the touch, and spaces that are rounded at the edges.


Ultimately having a calming bedroom will help you sleep better at night, which is why cool and calm color palettes will give you a great night (and hence a great day).

Tranquil color palette creates calm for study area |
Bathroom mirrors with cool and relaxing vibe |
Quirky towel hooks in bathroom |

Simple tiles provide tranquility in the bathroom, but once more there is a celebration of quirky playful accessories, which are also useful for storage.

Round mirrors in the bathroom of Hong Kong family apartment, Redhill |
Kitchen design for Hong Kong family apartment |
Family meal planning, book at apartment in Hong Kong |

This home finds perfection in balance. It’s there for adults looking to find relaxation, and children seeking corners for play. By sliding doors wide open, you get stunning ocean views. When pulling them closed, you’re offered privacy and spaciousness. A celebration of quirky calm.


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